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Random, useless thoughts
March 21, 2011


Sorry, I couldn't help it. Tell me if you get that. Seriously though...

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Wrote an MK preview
March 17, 2011

I wrote this initially as a favor to Jason (the other Jason) but I know there are a lot of MK fans here as well, so I wanted to share. I think it turned out rather well:

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By the way, you suck...
March 12, 2011

Dear Squaresoft,

Thank you for re-releasing Vagrant Story, good luck with Final Fantasy XIV...oh and by the way, you suck.

Sorry. There's a story here. My girl is utterly obsessed with DC Universe Online and since I love her, I let her play it whenever she wants. That, unfortunately, leaves me with little time to play since we have one T.V. and one PS 3. So I opted for some portables when she was super heroing it up. I've kind of been burned though. Golden Sun was a sedative and Tactics: Ogre was horrible. So I decided to go with something I knew wouldn't disappoint me: the DS version of Chrono Trigger.

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