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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

An Attempt to Go Through My Gaming Backlog
July 17, 2016

Do you guys ever thing about how easy it is to buy games nowadays? There's hundreds of games that can be bought digitally, and with all the bundles, sales, etc. you can get even some of the more well known titles without burning too big of a hole in your pocket. And, with things like Amazon becoming faster and faster with delivery, the process of getting physical copies of games will also speed up. Amazing! The future is now!

...OK, maybe I'm a little slow on realizing this. I don't know why, but I only truly thought of this a week or two ago. Or maybe I was subconsciously aware of it, and just never really paid any attention to it.

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