Video Games Live
February 25, 2019

I watched this fantastic program on Tubi last day and was quite the experience. A symphony concert featuring videogames from various systems and franchises it is a Documentary about the musical company which has been doing live concerts since 2002. The documentary starts with members of the team talking about their experiences with videogames and its music, then cuts off to the concert starting up with a classic arcade medley that includes Pong, Space Invaders, and a few others. It would then follow with more performances focusing in the likes of Sonic The Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, God of War, World of Warcraft, Halo, and Super Mario Bros., among others.

Between each performance there are short interviews with the composers and creators of said gaming franchises, each sporting their views and memories of what is like being a gamer and the importance of sound in said games. The DVD also features small segments devoted to pre-show events such as an open gaming arcade and constests for the audience, as well as a live gaming contest using Guitar Hero. There is also a musical segment featuring pianist Martin Leung who performs the Super Mario Bros. theme while blindfolded, a feat which is a sight to behold.

The concert video ends with a rocking medley from the Castlevania franchise that wraps up in an exceptional program worth watching not once but many times, I personally felt emotional and nostalgic during the Sonic The Hedgehog segment and the Castlevania number at the end was the Magnum Opus of the entire concert for me. It is quite an exceptional feeling when I see these types of programs, adding the love one feels for videogames which have been an integral part of our lives for decades.

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