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February 24, 2019

I will start by stating I am not a programmer therefore I would never be able to do coding of any kind to ever further my ideas I had for quite a while when creating my own titles. I am more like a designer and a visionary, the way Shigeru Miyamoto is for Nintendo and the late Steve Jobs was for Apple. I love designing and creating aspects for what I want made and would let the rest of the team work on the rest once said ideas had been talked about.

So far, I had about 3 projects that I would love to ever achieve, one platformer, one RPG, and lastly a shooter. Neither title would ever go past PG 13 and at least one of them is more family friendly than the others.

As for hand drawn pic I have at the title that's my own work and has nothing to do with my own original projects. That idea alone was conceived way back then when me as a kid visited an arcade and found another kid which was a fan of Tiny Toons as I was. We would discuss on how a game would had been made with 4 characters like The Simpsons and TMNT. He would add that one of the characters, Dizzy Devil, would grab an enemy and give them a few chews before spitting them out crashing with other enemies. It would had been something if that were made.

To dream the dream.

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