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Hey I am Mark. I am from a small town called Carluke in Scotland. I am writer, my three ebooks been published on the amazon website. I mainly write music reviews, but i thought i would take a chance, and write some games reviews, i feel i do Ok. But my faith lies in music. I passed an HNC in professional writing back in 2010, which i am proud of. My hobbies are writing, playing games, hanging with friends. So thats me!

Part Of My Short Story..
May 08, 2012

James wakes to a chap on his door. He canít believe he is still alive, still breathing in the stale smoke that haunts his shambolic flat. As the chap begins to pick up sound, Jamesís head begins to pound, like itís been hit with a hammer and nail. James gets up, and puts on a long sleeved shirt, to hide the hole marks on his arms. He then unlocks the door and opens up, what stands before him is his worried Mother. She stands there like a queen, with her blond hair dangling like a clock hand, her dazzling handbag studded with diamonds, her new engagement ring shining like a thousand spotlights.

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A Piece Of My Novel: A Playground Of Nightmares.
April 30, 2012

Stepping deeply into the dark. Waving at the lit mask. Pondering if I should dance with her. She starts to maneuver her hands, a light flickers, as I prance, I am intrigued by her, she moves silently and softly, her dancing shoes red as the blood that pumps through the veins. A quick stroke of the hair the dangles like a clock hand, she takes two steps back, I take two steps forward. Her mask, encased in gold, there is some letters upon the plate, it says death, and death is coming. The words startle me like a ghost. I canít look into her pupils, I canít see her face, and the mask seems engrained, bolted to her visage like an iron door. I push into her, I grab her hand, and it seems weightless and hungry for a touch of grace. I begin to try a loosen the mask, because I feel there might be

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New Book.
April 18, 2012

I am writing a book about the nightmares i get. They are so vivid its unreal. If you read it you will be shocked. Thats my next project, i feel it needs to be done. It will be called Nightmare On Wilton Road!!

War Eyes..
April 15, 2012

My new poetry book War Eyes has been published on the Kindle website with all my other books, please take a look if your interested in war poems.



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