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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PlayStation) artwork

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PlayStation) review

"The voice acting in the cutscenes can sound a little bit annoying, but so what? And it comes with a full soundtrack! How convenient. There are 2 songs in the game that have real singing, in english!"

This game is excellent. Nothing can beat this package. You get Lunar the game, a Making of Lunar cd, a full-color cloth map, a cool hardbound instructoin booklet in color, and a Lunar Soundtrack cd. All for just $60. Great package, great price, great game.

First I need to mention graphics. What can I say? They're 16-bit graphics. They aren't good at all for PSX. If they were, however, for the Sega CD, then they would be outstanding. In Lunar: SSSC, they re-did all the colors in the game, to make them look more lush, and clear. The backgrounds look very impressive. The graphics in this would be the best on Sega CD, but probably the worst on PSX, but they weren't meant to be good, now were they? And besides, graphics don't make a game.

The sound in this game, however, is excellent. The voice acting in the cutscenes can sound a little bit annoying, but so what? And it comes with a full soundtrack! How convenient. There are 2 songs in the game that have real singing, in english! And they sound wonderful. Luna's boat song could possibly be my favorite song EVER! The battle themes are cool, and all the music is a classical RPG feat. Good job Working Designs!

The story in this game is also great. It's epic. There are very in-depth, and lifelike characters. As you progress in the game, it gets more involving, and more complicated. The storyline can only be described with one word: classic!

Lunar is harder than most RPG's I've played. And the bosses in this game are a big deal. There aren't too many, but when there are bosses, they are very tough indeed. I think that this is an advanced, intermediate RPG, or at least for me. A good challenge.

This game proves to be fun. Even the battles are fun. I just enjoy running around and talking to people, as it is sometimes comical, and very interesting. This game is guaranteed to be 35+ hours of fun.

In the end, this game rules. It is fantastic. People are probably wondering if this is better than FF8, and the answer is no. It's not, and FF8 isn't better than it. They aren't just as good, but they can't be compared because of the fact that they are 2 totally different games. Sure they are both RPG's, but they are almost in 2 seperate genres. They are practically total opposites. But I do love both games, and either one would do. I hate to compare this to FF8, but they are the 2 best games of '99, and I have to say FF8's name. I hope this review was of help to you, even if I did go off on a little bit of a tangent. BOTTOM LINE: BUY IT!!!

PS: you better get this game quick, because it's gonna stop being made in y2k, which is 4 days from when I'm writing this review.

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Staff review by James Gordon (Date unavailable)

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