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Bad Dudes (NES) artwork

Bad Dudes (NES) review

" Bosses are tough and require great timing and patience to defeat. Having a weapon only increases the likelihood of survival, since it has a superior reach and deals significantly more damage than most of your traditional unarmed combinations. Some bosses are literally impossible to kill without one."

ďThe President has been kidnapped by ninjas!Ē rapidly mouths a stern-faced military commander while text lazily scrolls across the screen. ďAre you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?Ē he inquires in an equally mute manner.

ďAre you threatening my masculinity?Ē I query back before remembering Iím not a man.

Bad Dudes breathes masculinity. Itís so manly, that even I feel manly.

But can you blame me? Iím playing as one of two HUGE, BEEFY, BURLY men. Men who pulse with so much virility that they impregnate women just by looking at them.

Their names are Blade and Striker. They punch kittens in their free time.

But for the next few hours, theyíll only be punching ninjas. Swarms of them. Some are bare-fisted; others wield throwing knives or swords. There are even little midget ninjas that flip around and try their cutest to hurt you but canít because youíre just too awesome. Red ninjas drop useful items such as health-replenishing cans of Coke (whatís manlier than a can of Coke?) or even the occasional weapon, both of which kill all minor enemies in a single hit.

But you donít need weapons. You eat ninjas for breakfast, and your bare hands can tear them to shreds. Your ripped biceps can dispatch any ninja with the greatest of ease. A punch-kick combo will see off most foes, but for tackling greater numbers, your FLYING SPIN KICK is a most effective weapon. And if the odds are really against you, charge up your FLAME PUNCH to annihilate everything two inches in front of you.

Then again, maybe itís not your overly large muscles or Dragon Ball Z-like special techniques that make the job easy. Maybe itís the predictability. Your enemy habitually strikes from the same place every time you replay a level, making your heroic venture a simple matter of memorizing attack locations. Which is good because, predictability aside, youíll likely run out of health and deplete a few lives before reaching the boss at the end of a level. Like it or not, there are still far too many enemies to kill without taking significant damage, regardless of how manly you are.

I lied. You need weapons.

Bosses are tough and require great timing and patience to defeat. Having a weapon only increases the likelihood of survival, since it has a superior reach and deals significantly more damage than most of your traditional unarmed combinations. Some bosses are literally impossible to kill without one.

Strutting through the forest (yes, strutting), I happened upon a monster that looked suspiciously like Big Foot. He was large and capable of knocking out half my health with a single somersaulting, rolling kick that reached almost halfway across the screen. The only way to hurt him seemed to be to knife him while standing up. I had tried going in weaponless earlier, and that soon proved my demise. Using a dagger, however, I was able to stab him twice, where heíd growl menacingly (I assume), then step back a bit and perform his devastating kick. Memorizing his attack pattern, I slew him easily without taking much damage.

Weapons are especially handy on the moving train level (thereís always a train) when youíre charged by flaming ninjas who canít be killed any other way. Or when, halfway through, you fight a demonic version of the fire-breathing circus performer boss encountered in the first level. Having a weapon really helps then.

But holding onto one can prove most difficult, especially considering you lose it when you die. And youíll die a lot on that train.

The cars quickly pass beneath your feet, which forces you to jump the wide space between them. Except thereís a problem. Never mind the ninjas that are almost constantly assaulting you. Jumping takes skill. You canít just run forward, leap across and expect yourself to make it. No, against all logic, that tactic seems to be less effective. Instead, you have to stand still, jump, and at the same time, maneuver yourself in the air to gain the maximum length. About six inches, which is just barely enough to cross each gap. And considering that falling through the cars halves your health and sends you to the starting edge of the screen, youíll want to make those hops count for all their worth.

Defeat the boss, by whichever means, and listen to your avatarís screech of triumph.

ďIíM BAD!Ē he says in a gravelly, muffled, almost inaudible tone. And he is right. Heís very bad. Heís so bad, he steals candy from orphans. But he just rescued the President. From an army of ninjas. Who came out of nowhere.

Damn, heís good.

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Featured community review by wolfqueen001 (September 27, 2008)

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board icon
psychopenguin posted October 07, 2008:

Damn, had to break out the ninja storyline in the first sentence! Excellent review otherwise.
board icon
WilltheGreat posted October 07, 2008:

Two words:

Awesome and Win.
board icon
wolfqueen001 posted October 07, 2008:

Haha. Thanks! I'm glad it worked for you both. Personally, I had to add the ninja line in early because really, there's just nowhere else to put it. Plus it allowed for my "lol I'm a man" joke.... which might not work for everyone, but I though it was decent.


I'm shutting up now.
board icon
psychopenguin posted October 07, 2008:

Just search "Mike Gundy" on youtube if you want a good 'I'M A MAN!!!' line.
board icon
BLAH_Or_blah posted October 23, 2008:

This makes me gay for you Wolfy. =D
You're so manly....mmmmm
board icon
wolfqueen001 posted October 23, 2008:

XD I'm flattered. Really, I am.
board icon
bluberry posted October 23, 2008:

we're all gay for you.
board icon
EmP posted October 23, 2008:

In Boo's case, you don't even need to be around.
board icon
bluberry posted October 23, 2008:

yeah, I'm so gay for you that it's not just a fleeting thing.
board icon
zigfried posted July 14, 2009:

This was a great review -- you can thank you for pointing me to it, I know I am. The introduction was so manly that you almost seemed to be channeling GUTS for a second there. And all throughout the main body, it does a nice job of painting the game as the embodiment of 80's action cheese that it is.

board icon
wolfqueen001 posted July 14, 2009:

Haha. Thanks, Zig. :-) Glad it worked for you.
board icon
randxian posted July 14, 2009:

They punch kittens in their free time.

Awww. If that's the case, I'm glad to read about how they die several times. DIE YOU CAT ABUSING ASSHOLES!

Now I want to play this game just so I can murder them several times.

In all seriousness, good job. Perfect blend of hightlighting what's important while keeping it entertaining.
board icon
wolfqueen001 posted July 14, 2009:

Thanks. I'm actually quite proud of this one. And it was a rush job, too (trying to meet deadline for a tourny(. Wish I could get a sort of creative spark now like I did then. Maybe it'll make me happier to actually get something out, whether it was good or not, heheh.
board icon
JoeTheDestroyer posted April 21, 2012:

Hahahaha! I'm glad I happened upon this excellent review from a few years ago. Great stuff, Wolf!
board icon
wolfqueen001 posted April 21, 2012:

Haha. Thanks. This was indeed one of my better ones. How'd you come across it, anyway? Had you played the game yourself at one point? :P

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