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Immoral Study - Reiko Shirakawa (PC) artwork

Immoral Study - Reiko Shirakawa (PC) review

"It’s not easy being a professional pervert/rapist, and if anything Immoral Study #1 isn’t afraid to show us the ups and downs of this rewarding occupation. While not affording much room for advancement, the field attracts its fair share of egotistic weasels. Fortunately, Scoop Software has made a game that exposes the evils of rape and pedophilia and goes directly into the mind of a lecherous twit. Once we’re inside, there’s not much to do. "

It’s not easy being a professional pervert/rapist, and if anything Immoral Study #1 isn’t afraid to show us the ups and downs of this rewarding occupation. While not affording much room for advancement, the field attracts its fair share of egotistic weasels. Fortunately, Scoop Software has made a game that exposes the evils of rape and pedophilia and goes directly into the mind of a lecherous twit. Once we’re inside, there’s not much to do.

Immoral Study #1: Reiko Shirakawa concerns, above anyone else, a hero who is such a slimeball, such a bottom-feeding social parasite, that he brags about it in the scrolling pre-game text. You are this husk of a man—going by the name of “Professor Hitosuji”—who spends his time going around and stalking innocent high-school girls. According to his own affidavit, he has the connections to get these girls into prestigious colleges, “no matter who they are”. Under the guise of an experienced tutor (he believes that he’s the best in the biz), he offers his services to wealthy, spoiled, bubble-brained daddy’s girls and makes a trainload of dough. Hitosuji knows the ins and outs of specialized tutoring; enough that he often forsakes the important tutoring part and goes straight for the kitty. He’s gotten his rocks off enough that he only gets a kick out of almost getting caught.

His new quarry, a filthy rich daddy’s girl named Reiko Shirakawa, is the daughter of a top executive at an electronics company. Her parents make the unwise decision to employ Hitosuji’s “services” and boost her math grades. In the narration, he again emphasizes that he has ulterior motives, mainly to “**** the ****ing **** out of her”. Right.

You begin at the doorstep of the Shirakawa residence, staring right into the face of their hideous maid/housekeeper/cook. The only colors you see are shades of brown and blue, the artwork pitifully threadbare. Loud-ass BGM music blares in the background. You are asked what your intentions are; I was happy to have a choice in how to respond. I chose “pretend to be a bill collector” and was immediately rebutted with a terse “UR A LIER SHUT UP” and got to choose my reply again. Great, one of those “it looks like you have a choice but only one answer even works” menus. Coupled with the headache-inducing music and garish coloring work, I hadn’t had this good of a first impression since the time I poured battery acid on my tongue.

I chose my pre-selected answer and upstairs I went, into the “study room”. This looks like one of those ancient Victorian mansions with hundreds of rooms, or they could be reusing the same go!@#$! background artwork from Nocturnal Illusion. Jesus. Through a rousing text conversation, we confirm that this is the Study Room. The maid and I discussed what the room was used for. The maid used a five-letter word that I myself had known since second grade, but the dumb card-carrying tutor didn’t. Hitosuji expressed his consternation through his thoughts. The maid departed. I was left to my own devices…

Look at the bed
Look at the desk
Look at the armor [sic]
Look around

Oh, how wonderful! A “look and think” interface! Here you must Look at random things until an event triggers and thusly read the mountain of stiflingly boring text that pops up, as if you really gave a crap what the desk looked like. I kept looking at the damn desk, gaining useless information about what wood it was made from, the quality of the varnish, how well it was organized, its cup size, its work/fax numbers. When I just about had enough of this counterintuitive crap, the game decided to fire up a slightly different BGM, and the doors opened!

Reiko looks about 14. She has big hair and a tiny slit for a mouth. In other words, guys would willingly disembowel themselves for her in Japan. The camera seductively crawls up her body from the ground up. Before things get any racier, Scoop hastily explains “OK SHES REALLY 18 AND SHE LOOKS YOUNG FOR HER AGE!!!!!” Any hentai game has to have at least one speedy explanation that justifies the screwing of a character who appears underage. We learn that she fills up a sweater like only Jayne Mansfield could. Oh brother.

Our conversation was slow-going. Hitosuji is armed with the LOOK, THINK, and SPEAK options to aid him in his conquest. Fortunately for me only two of these options advance the flow—LOOK only provides you with a useful description in case you can’t make out what’s going on (something that happened to me quite often)—and you must skillfully use THINK and SPEAK in alternation to woo the naïf. While the translation is up to snuff in terms of no unintelligible lines of garbage (see Ace Of Spades), the dialog is depressingly awkward. A typical exchange:

Me: Reiko, you’ve been having trouble in school lately.
Her: Professor…
Me: (Damn, she’s getting smart!)
Her: It hurts!
Me: No, it’s okay. This is all part of my usual lesson. You see, underwear was first used as a bag. That’s what it was first used for.
Her: No! My father didn’t allow this!
Me: (Damn, she’s getting smart!)
Her: I’m uncomfortable here.
Me: Ooh.

I had gracelessly coerced her into sitting next to me on the couch, and I was clumsily mashing my hand against her breast, explaining something along the lines of “me touching you equals A, and you shuddering and feeling weird is B; A plus B equals C: me getting hard” when the maid burst in! Just when I was about to strap her to the bedpost and tear her skirt off! The nosey bitch then asked what I was doing, to which I made up something almost as dumb, which she bought. Like stealing candy from a baby. My other options were to “Run Away” or “Spill Your Guts”, which made the correct response painfully obvious.

My nemesis retreated and I was left to begin my “math” lesson, where I would drop blobs of a Jell-O-like substance into Reiko’s cleavage to teach her some rudimentary addition skills. Boy, she must REALLY be having trouble with math. She then buys into whatever excuse I throw at her to remove her dress, and she does so with a surprisingly fluid animation. There are only about three of these animations in the course of the game, so don’t get ahead of me. I kept using the “layers of crap” approach to teaching, which was useful when I jammed more Jell-O into her Tunnel Of Love and found myself in a pickle as to whether I could get it out or not.

I was almost tripped up when I pretended to get “consent” from her father in order to extract the Jell-O from her hiding place, but in actuality I had picked up the intercom phone and told my vile intentions to the evil housekeeper!! I can either Ponder how screwed I am or Make Up More Crap. One leads to the Just Ending, where Hitosuji lands his horny ass in jail, and the other leads to the Cop-Out Ending where you get to ravish the girl and she falls in love with you after you rape her and steal away her precious virginity. Guess which leads to which.

After you “win” you can re-view old scenes, in case you were nostalgic for the scene where Reiko looks at the camera with that dumb look on her face, or when you spill tea on her blouse. Here in the Archive area, I found that the game contains only three (count ‘em: THREE) BGMs to serve as background music—on my computer they kept locking up and playing the same note continuously if I ever had to minimize the window—and they don’t even suit the events that they’re scoring. I think that the music should be slightly more aggressive during a harrowing scene where I threatened Reiko with a curtain cord. Good thing it’s easy to turn off the music and put on your own speed-metal stuff in lieu of the songs they play in the waiting room at the dentist’s office.

The Immoral Study was over almost as soon as it began; for this I am eternally grateful to the horn-balls at Scoop for making their magnum opus just shy of twenty minutes long if you read all the boring text. I was also grateful that the artwork was so crude that I couldn’t make out what was going on in some scenes, and I don’t have vision problems. Like most hentai games, the ending offended the hell out of me, but I sure didn’t want to replay it again. As Ukyo put it so succinctly, “OMG YOU RAPED ME TAKE ME INTO YOUR ARMS YOU BIG MAN”. What else is new?

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Community review by johnny_cairo (August 23, 2003)

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