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Tekken 3 (PlayStation) artwork

Tekken 3 (PlayStation) review

"But other than that, they kept the original arcade mode, and added other modes like beach ball mode, Tekken street mode, etc... There's lots of stuff to do here, and tons of replay value."


The first two Tekken games were huge hits, and were both great reasons to buy a Playstation, back in the day. Tekken 3 brings us more of that great action, with some of the old characters, and also some new ones. With lots of cool modes, and secret characters, Tekken 3 is known by most people as the best fighting game for the Playstation.


+ The graphics in Tekken 3 look excellent for the Playstation. With some really nice quality FMV's, and detailed polygons, everything looks great. Also some really cool character design, with some old favorites like Yoshimitsu, Jin, Law, King, and more...

+ Tekken 3 is filled with lots of characters who each have their own unique style of fighting. It's up to you to master the combos and techniques of the various fighters. The amount of secret characters I believe is a few more than the default amount, totalling to somewhere around 23, I think. There are lots of great characters, and sweet combos and moves you can pull off with them.

+ An excellent conversion of the arcade hit. Although it is on Playstation, they kept most things about the same, except maybe the graphics, which are obviously not as good. But other than that, they kept the original arcade mode, and added other modes like beach ball mode, Tekken street mode, etc... There's lots of stuff to do here, and tons of replay value. It'll take a while to get all the characters.

+ Really good 2-player action. The arcade mode includes a 1 player and 2 player mode, so you can fight against your friends with all the characters that you've found and earned. It's a whole lot of fun doing the Vs. mode.


- Some characters have moves that are so incredibly cheap, the opponent can be defeated in just a couple of hits. While this isn't really a big deal in the regular mode, in Vs. mode it can get very annoying.

- The sound really wasn't anything that great. It was mainly just annoying techno-ish tunes that never really appealed to me.


Tekken 3 continues the trend of the first to games with sweet characters, and awesome graphics and gameplay. There are tons of secret characters, and a few secret modes. This is my favorite fighting game for psx, and I bet that most other fighting games fan will enjoy it a ton as well. If fighting games are your thing, you'll love Tekken 3.

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Staff review by James Gordon (Date unavailable)

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