Okay, give me your reccomendation
October 20, 2010

I've got 60.00 to spend. Should it go towards Vanquish or Enslaved?

I'd throw Fallout New Vegas in there, but I'm in no particular rush to play it. It seems like the kind've thing that will get better with age... and patches.

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hmd hmd - October 20, 2010 (12:24 AM)
what is wrong with you why would you ask a question like this

vanquish is the only correct answer
S-Cynic S-Cynic - October 20, 2010 (02:21 AM)
- - - October 20, 2010 (09:35 AM)

(I've played neither, but Enslaved would be the one I'd get if I could choose.)
pickhut pickhut - October 20, 2010 (10:34 AM)
Vanquish for stupid, awesome action.
zippdementia zippdementia - October 20, 2010 (12:27 PM)
And the tally is... exactly even... shit.

Although I'm not sure S-Cynic counts at all. In fact, I'm usually inclined to do the opposite of anything he says.
True True - October 20, 2010 (12:31 PM)
I haven't played Vanquish, yet but I would strongly recommend Enslaved.

There, now it's even.
Suskie Suskie - October 20, 2010 (01:22 PM)
I've said that I don't like the idea of buying an 8-10 hour game with no replay value when I can simply rent it, but if you're cool with that, then I do recommend playing Enslaved in some form or another.

Haven't played Vanquish yet, though. I'm gonna see if Blockbuster has a copy when I return Medal of Honor this weekend. Jason's review definitely has me sold, and I need a good cover-based shooter to wash the Quantum Theory out of my system.
zippdementia zippdementia - October 20, 2010 (04:10 PM)
This is where my problem stems from. I've got two good reviews for Enslaved telling me to buy it... and another good review from Jason telling me to go for Vanquished. I like both genres. Enslaved has me sold a little more on story while I imagine the gameplay is more polished in Vanquished, signs of their respective developers. Both games seem pretty short. So I'm totally lost in making this decision. With only 60 to spend, I have to make some kind of choice, though.
WilltheGreat WilltheGreat - October 20, 2010 (04:51 PM)
Get Minecraft instead.
zippdementia zippdementia - October 20, 2010 (04:54 PM)
This may be a very excellent solution to the problem. Can minecraft play on the Mac?
zippdementia zippdementia - October 20, 2010 (05:15 PM)
What the hell am I doing in Minecraft? And why do I keep getting stuck... I can't seem to jump on top of blocks.
fleinn fleinn - October 20, 2010 (06:20 PM)
..I'm in the same situation as you. I know I will have to play Enslaved sooner or later. But.. have you played the Vanquish demo? lol. It's.. very strange - like Jason, maybe - I have not had that kind of ridiculous childish joy about a game in a while.

It also looks and plays very smooth - it doesn't have those rough edges you forgive in a good game, or anything like that.
True True - October 20, 2010 (06:25 PM)
You know what, Zipp. I'm going to make your life really easy. Go get Vanquish, and I will send you my copy of Enslaved so long as you promise I'll get it back some day.
zippdementia zippdementia - October 21, 2010 (10:41 AM)
Done, True. If you're serious, I'll let you know when I buy Vanquish (this weekend...? yeah, after I finish my paper). If you aren't serious... well that was still almost a recommendation for Vanquish by a man who wrote an excellent Enslaved review, so I'm sold.

And yeah, you definitely will get it back if I have to come deliver it personally.
True True - October 21, 2010 (11:12 AM)
I was serious, actually. I have been in that same situation where you want to play two things but only have the cash for one. If you want to HG mail your address, I'll send it out today or tomorrow.
CouchPotato CouchPotato - October 21, 2010 (01:25 PM)
None, download Super Meat Boy, it's got 9.5 on GameSpot. Incase you have a DS, buy Advance Wars: Dual Strike.
zippdementia zippdementia - October 21, 2010 (01:57 PM)
I shall do that... once it becomes available. My favorite games lately seem to be indie games. Blue Lacuna, Cave Story (an old favorite, actually)... it's almost enough to make me pick up an Xbox360... I don't want all this new-fangled bullshit, but I'd like to try out lamplight, shadow complex, etc.

I do think I should download Trine and other indies on PS3.

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