so... new Deus EX? Thoughts?
June 09, 2010

For those that don't know, three main points:

1) not by the original makers

2) visuals done by Square Enix

3) it's a prequel

The trailer is here

My brief thoughts on each of those points...

1) I'm not really that upset by this. I'm not someone who believes that the original creator of a series also has the best idea of what to do with it. Deus Ex 2 is a good example of this.
2) This I'm excited about. SE has recently proven to me that the one thing they continually excell at is graphics and visual design. If SE did more graphics and less story, I think the world would be a better place.

3) This bothers me a little bit. It makes sense because Deus Ex 2 didn't leave any room for exploration post-series and, while a game set in between the two would've been cool, I can totally understand anyone wanting to get the hell away from the cumbersome plot that became the Deus Ex Duology.

Thus a prequel. Okay. I'm cool with that.

However, prequels made ten years after their originals have the major problem of always feeling like they take place in a world that is more advanced and alive than that of the later games. For instance, I'm sure you are going to be able to do incredibly bad-ass things in the prequel. Then, if you go back and play Deus Ex, it's going to feel clunky as hell and you'll wonder... why did they develop nano-technology if it sucks this much?

Eh, but we can't hold ourselves to the technical short comings of our predecessors. I've gone back recently and replayed Deus Ex. A retrospective review coming sometime this month, but here's a preview for the purposes of this discussion...

Deus Ex is not the bundle of innovation and awesomeness that we once took it for. In fact, I'm not sure it was ever that innovating... it just took itself more seriously than other FPS games of the time. I guess that was an innovation, much like Half Life taking the doom model seriously. But the whole "choices everywhere" thing?

The cake is a lie. There were no choices. There was "kill guard or stun guard and watch him go down with the same animation only with unconcious written above his head." There was "sneak through the vents and take six hours crawling around trying not to get spotted" or "shoot everyone and be done with the level in 3 minutes." As for plot choices, there were none outside of a fairly surface-level decision as to whether or not to save your brother.

Incidentally, that choice is one of the most obscurred in the game, with it not being clear to first time gamers exactly how to save your brother.

Point is, Deus Ex had its place in time, but that time has long since passed with little reason to revisit it. I'm going to be happy to see the series re-envisioned.

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WilltheGreat WilltheGreat - June 09, 2010 (04:29 PM)
I'd be more excited if the main character was Gunther.

But I still like the look of this. I just hope it doesn't go the way of every other western IP SE has got its grubby little mits on. I'm still reeling from SupCom2.
Halon Halon - June 09, 2010 (06:13 PM)
Looks awesome as long as Square doesn't turn this into some lame anime.
zippdementia zippdementia - June 09, 2010 (06:40 PM)
i think we're safe from SquEnix-Effect here, guys, because they are ONLY doing graphics and not anything else.
WilltheGreat WilltheGreat - June 09, 2010 (09:01 PM)
SE doing graphics was the reason Supcom2 looked cartoony.
darketernal darketernal - June 10, 2010 (06:52 AM)
I just hope they don't make JC or whoever the protagonist will be into some crazy haired emo androgynous teen. There are games where it works, but Deus Ex is not one of them. Deus ex is manly.

Aside for that I don't know. The first Deus Ex was fantastic. I didn't play the second one, and that's probably my own fault because the constantly bad reviews turned me off it. If it comes out on the PC, I'll check it out.

As for the prequel thing, I don't know who are you going to play as? If I remember, Paul and JC Denton were prototyes of the new type of agent, so unless you're going to play as an old school augmented human(meaning actually looking robotic) then my guess is probably Paul since he had a history if I remember back then, and I'm alright with that.

EDIT: The main character seems acceptable and as I just saw the trailer now, it seems they're going with the old school one. Maybe we'll see Gunther and that bitch woman. That would be fun.

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