Holt shit Heavy Rain: questions answered (no spoilers here)
February 25, 2010

Okj, here's some pressing questions answered for everyone:

1) It's not Indigo Prophecy. The game does not lose it's oomph anywhere along the way and, if anything, leaves you wanting a sequel (but emotionally satisfied with this story).

2) Not everyone will like this game. If you're looking for objectives and constant action, don't look here. If you're interested in story and tasks ranging from the anger behind killing a man or the delicateness of rocking a baby to sleep, then this is more your emotional outlet. For those who are into this kind of interactive experience, Heavy Rain is the BEST role playing experience out there.

3) It's going to be difficult to play a game after this that asks for emotional involvement from the player. Heavy Rain's emotions are so human and realistic and not forced that going from this to anime-influenced FFXIII I'm worried will be a bit like going from beer to whiskey, and not in a good way.

4) Animation is incredible. Over 30,000 unique animations in the game lend it the feeling that every scene is different and that the characters are reacting in real time to what's happening on-screen.

5) The choices are not just gaming choices. You feel drawn in to every scene that you have to decide something.

You will probably see these points talked about more in an upcoming review of the game.

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