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January 04, 2010

I'm hoping that by the Summer of 2010, my collection will include the following:

- Half Minute Hero
- God of War 3
- FF 13
- Trine
- Braid
- Dragon Age: OWNZED
- Assassin's Creed 2
- Heavy Rain
- Bayonetta

On New Years I had someone scream out "Dragon Age!" while I was having sex with her. That kinda sold me.

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honestgamer honestgamer - January 04, 2010 (11:13 AM)
That sounds like an experience that I might like to have.
Suskie Suskie - January 04, 2010 (01:21 PM)
My goal:

- Mass Effect 2

Edit: I'm kind of wondering why you think you'll like Dragon Age if you didn't like KOTOR, since it's basically the same thing in a different setting. I don't even think Dragon Age is as good, frankly.
Genj Genj - January 04, 2010 (04:49 PM)
Either buy/borrow for me

FF13 (coming out conveniently on my vacation, definitely getting on release day)
SMT: Strange Journey (I wish this wasn't out the same day as FF13)
Bayonetta (looks stupid but got good reviews in Japan, probably borrow)
Zelda: Spirit Tracks ordered today for a cool $25
Assassin's Creed 2 (due to school etc likely wait for a price drop)
Bioshock 2 (ditto)
Suskie Suskie - January 04, 2010 (06:45 PM)
Two of my roommates really loved BioShock and can't wait for the sequel, so I'll probably play one of their copies. No fucking way am I buying it.
pickhut pickhut - January 04, 2010 (09:21 PM)
I'm just glad Capcom delayed Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2. There's too many games to play coming out at the beginning of the year, plus, I thought it was insane that they thought releasing those two games a week apart from each other was a wonderful idea.

Also, despite knowing I'll most likely be terrible at it, I'll be playing Bayonetta; it's hard to avoid a game when someone (bluberry) talks about it almost nonstop for over 12 months. Then there's BioShock 2. I think it's going to be a disappointment (and this is coming from someone who liked the first)... but I'll still see what it's going to deliver.
zippdementia zippdementia - January 04, 2010 (11:11 PM)
Suskie, when a woman screams out the name of a game during coitus, a man must listen.

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