Christmas Loot...?
December 27, 2009

I'm actually not a fan of Christmas. The commercialism surrounding the holiday drives me insane. Therefore, while I did pick up some carefully thought out presents for a few friends, I didn't really expect or desire any presents myself.

However, a few friends returned my favour and bought me some pretty cool stuff, nonetheless. Well, one friend, actually. He picked me up the card game Ren Faire, by the guys who did Lunch Money. It's very good. The point is to dress up for the rennaisance faire, which is achieved by placing clear cards over character cards so they actually "get dressed."

To get money to buy costumes, you have to play cards that make you or other players do ridiculous things, like belly dance or tell jokes or act out shakespeare plays with your hands as puppets. It's very fun in a party.

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