Kid gives the Walkman a second chance
June 30, 2009

British Kid reviews the Walkman!

I love British news. This is a really interesting article that makes me feel ancient and also bizarrely points out that the old days weren't always better. Although I do wonder about today's youth.

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JANUS2 JANUS2 - June 30, 2009 (02:48 PM)
Are Walkmans really that old? This kid is talking about it like it's a grammaphone or something. Who doesn't realise you need to switch the tape over??
zippdementia zippdementia - June 30, 2009 (04:31 PM)
That's what I'm saying! We're old shits now! It's really funny, because the rate of technological change has increased so steadily over the years that something like a cassette player seems other worldly to the youth.

I fucking remember a time when there was no internet let alone cellphones and HDTVs and Ipods.

Fucking hell... I remember a time when there wasn't... video games...
randxian randxian - June 30, 2009 (08:00 PM)
"Fucking hell... I remember a time when there wasn't... video games... "

EmP EmP - July 01, 2009 (02:29 AM)
Think of poor OD. He still remembers a time when he had to hide from velcoraptors.
bloomer bloomer - July 01, 2009 (02:52 AM)
Hey, I'm older than you Zipp and there have always been videogames while I've been alive :)

The metal/normal equaliser quip was the funniest bit to me. I'm not surprised about his surprise at having to turn the tape over, though.
darketernal darketernal - July 01, 2009 (10:01 AM)
Ahhh, the walkman. Those were the days. When in Highschool(yes, when I was in High school, walkmans were still a fairly normal thing to have, though the CD reared it's head already), we used to rewind the tapes manually with a pen to save on the battery life. The good old days.

Still, video games? They were always a part of my life. From the C64 back at the end of the eighties to the future geneations and mind rot that is consoles.
sashanan sashanan - July 01, 2009 (12:22 PM)
I wasn't cool at the time so naturally I didn't own one. Everyone else did, of course.
Calvin Calvin - July 02, 2009 (05:27 PM)
I'm also surprised by the kid not understanding the concept of flipping a tape. Thought most tapes were labeled, so there would never be that problem. Not that I know much about that, it has been forever since I've looked over my tape collection and the nostalgia has mostly been lost on me.
bloomer bloomer - July 02, 2009 (11:02 PM)
But if you never flipped a tape in your life, why would you expect to do such a thing? I can't think of an analogy in any area. We don't 'change sides' on anything apart from LPs and tapes, and the very rare double-sided DVD (EG a bad horror movie on the front and another on the back). I imagine LPs, tapes and double-sided horror DVDs have never previously featured in this kid's existence.

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