Resident Evil 5
March 25, 2009

Soon enough, my review of the game will appear in a glorious ray of light to the delight of gamers everywhere.

Or more likely, to grumpiness and fan-booing.

Which is silly, because I gave the game an 8. And that was against my better judgement.

For me, the game plays more like a 6 or 7, decent, but nothing spectacular. However, I always take pains with these big titles to try and see the bigger picture and give the game a score which I feel will represent MOST people's feelings. Thus, the 8.

Not much to add right now, but I'd be happy to get into a discussion of my complaints of the game once the review is officially up.

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Suskie Suskie - March 25, 2009 (03:44 PM)
No offense, but I doubt your review will be more entertaining than this.
zippdementia zippdementia - March 25, 2009 (10:49 PM)
Damn him! He has to come along and steal my glory!
Suskie Suskie - March 26, 2009 (12:09 AM)
"The fun begins!"

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