Battlecruiser 3000 A.D.
March 24, 2009

After petitioning the forums to help me locate (or create) a review for this game, I did manage to find this.

It's an extensive faq I found buried in the gamefaqs archives that, aside from giving a main mission walkthrough and some really interesting history on the game development, spends fifty pages detailing the use of BASIC CONTROLS. That such a thing even exists seems to be a testament to the terribleness of this "universe simulator."

Anyway, if you want an interesting read, give it a click. The ambition is staggering, and the execution laughably bad. Best of all are the comments from fans and from Derek Smart himself that are embedded in the faq, commenting on why this-and-that doesn't work right or a way around the broken mechanics. Derek Smart in particular is hilarious for his smug acceptance of the brokenness of his controls, AI, game in general, etc... and his utter satisfaction with all that.

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