People tend to be divided on this one
March 16, 2009

People either consider the image of a naked woman ripping a tank apart to be over-kill or artistically wonderful. Can you guess which movie this is?

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Genj Genj - March 16, 2009 (06:09 PM)
How long until we get a live action Ghost in the Shell starring Mila Jovovich directed by the Wachowski brothers?
zippdementia zippdementia - March 16, 2009 (09:17 PM)
Didn't they start talking about doing it through FOX a year ago?

In any case, with a Cowboy Bebop movie coming, we have to imagine Akira and Ghost in the Shell are close behind. Didn't DBZ happen this last month?
pickhut pickhut - March 16, 2009 (09:44 PM)
Hey, if she keeps looking as hot as she did in Ultraviolet, I'm willing to see her in any movie, good or bad.
zippdementia zippdementia - March 17, 2009 (02:09 AM)
I highly disagree. If talks start seriously going for RE4, I might kill Jovovich myself to prevent it.
Genj Genj - March 17, 2009 (07:07 AM)
There are going to be TWO live action Akira movies.
EmP EmP - March 17, 2009 (08:05 AM)
I continue to blank out any mention of anime-to-live action stupidity lest my already-low faih in human intelligence dips into the minuses.

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