Chrono Trigger came today! (updated)
December 03, 2008

Through his infinite kindness, Jason has allowed me the privelege of reviewing the new Chrono Trigger for the DS!

I have to say, even from the little bit I've played, it's an amazing game. And I say that not only as a fan of the series, but also as a gamer in general.

From a general standpoint we have a game that's full of heart. The characters, while maybe lacking the depth of those from, say, Xenosaga (which didn't get great reviews, anyway), are enthusiastic and easy to sympathize and fall in love with.

The battle system is a strategic mix of tactical placement and fighting with the turn based system, and if set on active, is really invigorating.

And of course, the presentation is tops. The graphics are loveable, the music is genius, and the dual screen presentation is used to the best of its ability.

That's the general view. From a fan's perspective, there's not much else to do except orgasm over the definitive version of Chrono Trigger. We've got remastered sound, new translation, more story, more dungeons, a battling arena, better controls... I'm in CT heaven right now.

EDIT: Just to show you I'm not all gushing fanboyism, though, I'll say that CT does have it's problems.

The biggest problem CT has always faced is that it's too easy. You level quickly, enemies die quickly, and it's rare to die yourself after level 10. This is truly disappointing in a game that features such impressive bosses and such a diverse line of enemies. Even more disappointing is that the battle system really speaks to strategic play, but is easily tossed aside in favour of brute force.

Also, enemies drop a lot of gold, which means inflation becomes an issue.

A blight on an otherwise stellar game.

Anyways, expect more of this when my review comes. No more previews!

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