It's tough staying in shape
November 16, 2008

Got back from rock climbing tonight totally exhausted. You know, it's not the physical work out so much as it keeping yourself mentally engaged. Rock climbing is good for that once you've gotten your body up to speed on what you're doing. Until then, you spend a lot of time rubbing your sore arms and wondering when you'll be able to tackle the wall again.

Sore arms are good, though. It's nice to have your body admit it did something tough, even if it seems to

Eating steak is nice, too. I'm not sure how much I ate. I just know I had to leave the table to stop myself from eating any more. I'm very full now. And very tired.

And I don't feel like writing anymore. I did write a whole bunch of stuff, but I erased it. I hate doing that. It's like the murder of ideas, or what could've been. Instead of preserving those words, I've consigned them to the depths of my mind, where they will become muddled and mixed.

Life is a memory we don't always remember correctly.

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