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April 22, 2006


Sometimes, I get lost in the sheer scope of Digital Devil Saga's dungeons (You have three doors. Each of those doors leads to three more doors. You must now explore each path fully for everything, until you find the correct path, in which case you must backtrack and then explore all the other paths completely, then take the correct path again).

Couple that with the high encounter rate. Then the pain begins to set in.


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April 18, 2006

THINKER: How the **** do I know off-hand that today is the centennial anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (or whatever the official name for the event is)? First off;

A. I'm Canadian. I shouldn't know this stuff.
B. I'm a high schooler who doesn't like history. I shouldn't know this stuff.
C. I've been doing nothing but playing games for three days straight. I shouldn't remember this stuff.
D. It happened a century ago. I shouldn't know this stuff.
E. Bluberry's cheating on his new girlfriend. I REALLY shouldn't know that.


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April 17, 2006

The Matrix has you.

Er, wrong line.

Just managed to pick up Digital Devil Saga Collector's Edition new for $39.99. I said "wow".


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April 11, 2006

To change my icon, or not to change my icon. THAT is the question.

*Continues to murder Shakespeare by using his lines in trivial lifestyle choices*


April 07, 2006

Genj's new picture is ugly. SOUL-PIERCINGLY UGLY!


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April 01, 2006

I wish to apologize for all the times I've made fun of honestgamer.

I'm sorry Venter!

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March 27, 2006




*Insert more insane laughing*


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