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Holy crap...
January 04, 2006

So I'm doing Mega Man X2 to complete my triumvirate (really trio, but I'm using fancy words for the hell of it)of the original SNES X games FAQs. For this FAQ, I intended to go all-out with everything.

I think I went a bit TOO all-out.

Wheel Gator strategy - 986 words
Wire Sponge strategy - 863 words
Incomplete Overdrive Ostrich strategy - 417 words


January 03, 2006

I just realized. Mega Man X Anniversary Collection comes out on the 10th.

*fap fap fap*

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MMMM....New Colors
January 02, 2006

So here's some new colors I just rolled out for thou'est blog (Note to self: Don't continue to butcher Old English). Hopefully it'll repel any unwanted visitors (read: everyone) from this emo blog.


Now for some lyrics from our favorite band, Linkin Park.

Crawling in my skin,
These wounds, they will not heal!

Or maybe the zany color scheme will draw people. Damnit. Who knows. It's already growing on me...

EDIT: I'll be blatantly ripping off the "Karnak Hates Everything Show", if anyone even knows what the hell that is.

January 01, 2006

Fact of life, you always have got to dislike wrong number phone calls when you're on the receiving end. At the least, I can recognize when a phone call to m y house is a wrong number, thanks to my parents organizing their regulars in the phone's number recognition.

So I get a wrong number, and I recognize it as such. I pick it up, and start my own spiel. "Hello, Ryan's Psychic Fortune-Telling Shop. Today you will get a free fortune. I predict you will call a wrong number." And the man has just started when I finished when he realized fully what I said, and sheepishly hangs up.


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