Demon's Souls
July 26, 2015

As I expected, I found the worlds beyond the opening level to be much more challenging. I first spent a few hours in Stonefang Tunnel walloping scaly miners endlessly to little effect, as anything put piercing weapons seemed to do any sort of damage at all. I could kill them, but it took forever, and since they hit a lot harder than me, I had to pick them off one at a time... This worked until I encountered a fire-throwing overseer whose flame attacks drained half my health. I died repeatedly then gave up for a little while.

Between spurts of adventure, I'll run the first level of Boletarian Palace again just to get souls and healing supplies, which quickly grows dull but is essential as I find myself popping grass like some kind of crack-addicted hippy. I'd say about half the time consists of running through this level. I'm not skilled enough to fight that red-eyed knight for better results.

After a while, I had the brilliant idea of using the dagger that came with my character, as for some reason, I didn't think to use it as a piercing weapon. After that face-palm, Stonefang became a lot easier. Still took a few hits to kill miners, but it became a matter of striking five-six times versus the fifteen or so it took to kill them with the longsword. I also became better at backstabbing.

After a bit of practice, I even became more adept at killing those fatty overseers. A few hours later, and I managed to activate the shortcut in that level. At that point, though, I didn't want to push my luck, so decided to try somewhere else.

I briefly decided to poke around the Tower of Latria, until a squid-faced prison guard smacked me with a paralyzing spell then sucked my face off. After dying in one hit there, I decided to go back to Stonefang and face the level's boss.

Which, of course, required more work, including cooling off the magma. This took several more hours, as even with improved skills, levels, damage, weapons and defense, I still suck at this game, and pickax-wielders suck the worst.

That being said, the light crossbow became my best friend for picking off difficult miners, but bolts are expensive, and I really wish I could use a cheaper method. I know magic is more flexible in this game, but I just didn't feel like starting a new game to build a new character, as I felt that at the time i had learned about it, I'd had too much invested already.
Anyway, after much ardor, I finally beat the Armor Spider, which sucked up all my healing items and took several tries to boot. Watching people on the internet is entertaining, especially to see how quickly they kill things, but my damage output just isn't there. Haha.

I then decided to go back to Boletaria and tackle that nasty dragon. I thought I had bought enough bolts to do it (since I was using the crossbow at the time), but realized I was trying to shoot it off the wrong tower, by which time I only had about 150 left. Shooting it off the right tower seemed more effective, but after getting down to about 75 shots, I think it still only lost a sliver of health. Not sure how many times my shots are connecting anyway, since locking on isn't always effective, and the time he's in range is too short for me to notice all the time.

After giving up that ghost, I just chucked through the level some more, grateful that his fire breath only halves my health now instead of roasting me alive. (Bad timing on my part, mostly... big surprise). Anyway, made it to the tower knight and managed to kill him after eating my last healing grass. That was a close one. Of course, I'm not looking forward to replaying the world endlessly to restock on healing items, but at least I've achieved something this time around!

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JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - July 27, 2015 (09:24 PM)
It took me a while to beat that damn dragon. I think I crafted a certain unique bow to take it down, if memory serves. Also, I recommed keeping the crescent falchion, when you come upon it. It helped me out quite a bit, mainly to take out the giant shelled bugs deep in the mines foll9wing the Armor Spider.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - July 29, 2015 (04:14 PM)
Will the falchion serve even though I don't have any real strength in magic? I know crescent items scale using magic, so I'm wondering if my damage output would suffer as a result. Though it may be that those bugs you're referring to may be weaker to magic, so any weaknesses in my build for it might be made up for by that fact. I'll look into it.

I'm tackling the shrine of storms now, so I may check this out next.
JoeTheDestroyer JoeTheDestroyer - July 29, 2015 (05:22 PM)
My character was a dex build with little magic and the falchion worked out decently, at least early on. I also kept a pretty good array of weapons: three Eastern swords (two uchigatanas and Hiltless), the falchion, a sharp spear, a shield, and two different bows (I think one was the white bow).

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