April 21, 2015

Sort of testing the "new" blog features. Also been having some anomalies with my account so want to make sure it still works even though it says I'm logged in. This is interesting...

I've been so hellaciously busy with schoolwork and life things that I just haven't been able to contribute anything here lately. I've more or less delegated myself to a lurker, as, in spite of the circumstances, I think I really still want to be part of this community. That being said, things should be winding down soon, though how much will depend on how busy I get with other things.

I had hoped to be done with school when I graduated college, but alas, my degree in three majors wasn't enough to have a permanent position with my (at least currently) hopefully future employer, so I had to take business classes to even become eligible for one. However, I thankfully only have a couple weeks of that left... I truly don't know how anyone goes to school full time while working full time. I'm struggling with just two classes.

All of this necessarily means I haven't seen had too much time for gaming. Mostly just been playing the TellTale Game of Thrones with what little free time I have. Otherwise, any other free time I have is spend watching movies/TV with my fiance.

Seems like these blogs are populated primarily with game-rlated material, so if I can ever get back into that again on a more regular basis, I may hop on that band wagon.

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honestgamer honestgamer - April 21, 2015 (08:31 PM)
There is a glitch impacting log-ins, related to the server move, which I only noticed recently. I will hopefully tend to it soon. When you log in, the page that displays is usually blank and doesn't seem to indicate that your info took, even when it did. I might actually be able to fix it here in a few minutes, depending on what is causing it.

You're free to blog about (pretty much) whatever you like here, but of course it's worth remembering that you're writing for a community of people mostly united by our love of games. I have in the past--and will in the future, probably--blogged about movies and anime and just life events. So there's no rule about subject matter. In the future, if blogs get busier, I may also change what displays on the front page while you are logged into your account, so that you see posts from friends. We haven't yet had the activity to warrant that, however.
pickhut pickhut - April 22, 2015 (12:03 AM)
I mean, look at me. When the blogs were reinstated, my first blog entry was just me rambling on about the movies I just recently watched xD. Even if you won't have much to say, hope to see some blogging from you!

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