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August 25, 2008

It's called "Spot the Foreigner" since I find international people interesting. They let you see a glimpse into their own culture, and I find that very valuable. Besides, I find other people and cultures fascinating. Dunno why. Guess I get tired of our culture all the time or something.

Anyway, last year at school, I met maybe three foreigners my whole time there (not counting my professors, of which there were two). 2 Russian women, and an Irishman. I also had a Spanish linguistics profssor and a Polish International Studies one.

This year, however, I've met/seen around three people in one day.

One of my roommates hails from Egypt and she's going back at the end of the semester. She's pretty cool.

There was a Brit sitting at the table next to me at breakfast. I didn't talk to him, but the accent was telling enough, I think.

Then there was this Brazilian at lunch who's at the seminary. He's only been here like a year, but already has a pretty commanding mastery of English. AND he learned Spanish first before English after coming here. It's really neat.

I love college... Now watch me complain about it in the next two weeks after becoming overwhelmed with homework and other things to do and not getting enough sleep. Haha.

EDIT: I've discovered I found a French girl in my anthropology class.

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Halon Halon - August 25, 2008 (08:51 PM)
Haha my school's the opposite. Since I'm a math major and in one of the most diverse schools in the country I'd say about half of the students in my classes and a large chunk of my professors (and probably 70% of my math professors) are foreign. It was a little awkward at first but I got used to it and it was definitely a good experience for me.
bluberry bluberry - August 25, 2008 (09:16 PM)
really? my math classes are just full of awkward white dudes. Linear Algebra had tons of Chinese kids but then I realized that's a computer science course too.
Halon Halon - August 25, 2008 (10:35 PM)
Some of our graduate programs are even more foreign. I've only encountered one American in the Computer Science program (thought there might be more) and there are either two or three Americans in the Economics program out of around 70 students.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - August 26, 2008 (08:33 AM)
That's interesting, sportsman. I've got a feeling there are more international people around here than I think, but I just haven't found them. Or something. I'm in the history/international studies program, so you'd think there'd be more around than I've seen. Haha.

There's probably quite a few from Japan, China, Vietnam, around there... but I tend to mistake those for Asian-Americans unless I hear them specifically say they're originally from there or something.

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