June 14, 2008

This is to members who have played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

*Spoiler Warning*

So my dad's been playing this game for ages... but he's stuck. He's at this part where he has to enter this "Dreamworld" or whatever. He has no weapons or armor or anything and he has to battle two minotaurs or something. He says there are weapons and armor somewhere on the field, but he can't find them. Any suggestions? I have no idea. I'm going to check Gamefaqs later myself, but I don't know what he's really talking about because I haven't played the game yet.

...or you all can just discuss the game among yourselves, I suppose. >_>

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EmP EmP - June 14, 2008 (06:45 PM)
They're in a chest right before the arena, I think. If not, tell him to check stuff like the cupboards in the house; there's certainly some healing items around.

But, yeah, I'm sure the weapons are in a chest right by where you start in that little corner of the dreamworld. I took a huge arse axe.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - June 15, 2008 (10:13 AM)
Alright. Thanks. He probably got too far ahead of himself or something, then. We'll see how that goes when I see him again tomorrow.

Reason I didn't want to check FAQs, besides not knowing what to look for really, was to prevent as much spoilage as possible. Swear I read way more than I'm s'posed to when looking up FAQs and the like.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - June 15, 2008 (02:40 PM)
Update: What kind of weapons are these that you find? Like quality and such. Part of the problem might be that he finds really crappy weapons (if he finds them at all). I dunno. I might've misunderstood his dilemma.
EmP EmP - June 15, 2008 (03:13 PM)
It's a chest containing a lot of bits. A handful of light armour, heavy armour and a couple of weapons.

It's not meant to be an easy fight.
wolfqueen001 wolfqueen001 - June 17, 2008 (05:06 PM)
Alright. Thanks a lot, man.

Turns out Dad's real issue was just his coordination, I guess. My brother tried it and handled it just fine. Let's hear it for "misunderstanding the problem." >_>

I promise you this whole thing was not a waste of time, though.

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