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April 13, 2012

I've been playing quite a few iPad games and an NES RPG that I'd like to review but probably won't get around to it so I'm gonna make a few notes about them here.

8Bit Ninja
Simple sliding/dodging game but great fun. Large fruit falls from above as you move your ninja right and left to avoid being squashed. Sound effects are lovely: you hear his footsteps and the sound of melons, lemons, oranges, and dragonfruit falling.

But you also get little coins that fall as well as various devices to avoid death. A shuriken, a shield, a rocket, landmine that you can upgrade from the shop to make the effects last longer. And earn badges for things like slicing dragon fruits, and reaching level 15. Each time you start again and go through the same patterns of falling fruit: at set times the patterns change, with the fruit falling faster, more of them, coming from different sides of the screen.

As well as upgrades you can open new venues and unlock three more variations of ninjas. BGM is lovely traditional chinese tinkling. Soothing.

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threetimes threetimes - May 03, 2012 (06:49 AM)
Dragonvale has sucked me into its simple economy. Breeding dragons, waiting for their habitats to fill with dragoncash while asleep and buying pretty decorations such as snowy trees, flower beds and coloured flags. It's beautiful and engaging in a pointless and effortless way. Like Chao but without the personality or effort required.

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