Not Mad Max. Just Metal!
December 28, 2011

Playing the new Metal Max release on the DS, the reworking of Metal Max 2 (from 1993 on the SNES). It's got the kind of upgrade that the Dragon Quest games got for the DS and it's really very similar to those games. Wonderful menus, huge world to explore, tons of customisation, and lots of side stories/quests to fulfill on your goal to defeat the big bad. Except as with all MM games it's set in a post-apocalyptic world

Sadly, only Metal Saga on the PS2 was ever localised for westerners and since that game didn't get a great reception, Atlus haven't done any more of them despite the recent brand new MM3 release on the DS. So... I'm having to play it in Japanese, and I only recognise yes and no. If anyone here knows more than that and loves old school turn-based, open world games with tanks and a dog, I'd recommend it.

Here's some footage of the first 6 minutes.

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