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November 04, 2011

Grandia Parallel Trippers got a recent translation and it's fantastic. It's got the same spell set as Grandia (Stram, Fire Dragon Cut, Gadzap etc) with the same elemental combinations, and ALL the characters from Grandia are in the game. 29 of them in total, Leen, Mullen, the three bad girls, Lilly, Sue Justin, and Feena of course, plus people like Rapp. Main character is a kid who has no personality at all, but that hardly matters as he's the cipher for collecting the rest of the bunch. The dungeons are nice: elementally based, forest, fire, ice, water, sky, and some nifty platforming type navigation required. MC can jump over gaps and that's the main thing that you do. Also have a companion called Pinky who learns various skills to enable you to do extra things: like safely open dangerous chests or jump over longer gaps and so you revisit areas to find some stuff and more people.

The battle system is amazingly deep and complicated. You act in turn on a counter that has 8 slots and you and the enemies move along it until you reach the end when the attack is unleashed, but you can choose where to place people on the gauge to create combos and gain extra bonuses like reflecting damage or healing. Each character equips up to 7 battle cards (kind of like Baiten Kaitos in a way) and these are magic or weapon based skills. You can combine cards from the menu to gain new ones and new skills too. Monster drop cards and they appear on screen as in Grandia. Lots of different ones to find. The menu system is fantastic with databases for characters, cards and enemies so you can try and get 100% for everything and the music is Grandia!

Risk - Factions. I can't seem to stop playing this game. Had it for ages and every time I'm bored I go and play yet another bout. I'm currently addicted to the world conquest mode against the AI which is better than playing online since it avoids the risk (ha!) of rage quitters who are legion. The AI never gives up!

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overdrive overdrive - November 04, 2011 (10:48 AM)
I'd seen Parallel Trippers got translated. I was wondering if that'd be worth downloading sometime (even though I have a million other games to play) and now I know to put it on the "maybe do in the next 20 years" list!
threetimes threetimes - November 06, 2011 (09:54 PM)
By which time I'll have a FAQ posted for it. ;)

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