Reviewing deadlock
October 24, 2011

I really could do with some help. I've got tons of reviews unfinished. I get so far and then I have a different idea and write something else, and then that doesn't fit with the original draft and I end up going around in circles... There are so many things to say in so many different ways.

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overdrive overdrive - October 25, 2011 (11:48 AM)
The best times are when you finish a review and are just about to hit send and then you realize that because you changed paths of thought in midstream, you have a very ugly transitional paragraph or sentence stuck in there.
threetimes threetimes - October 31, 2011 (04:20 AM)
Yeah, multiply that for all the drafts for one game. I think I've written about 10 reviews worth of stuff about Shadow Hearts From the New World. I try and splice the best bits together and that doesn't work at all so I start again, and again.

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