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December 10, 2011

It's official. My macbook is vintage. Having trouble with my trackpad and pointer doing things I don't want it to do like highlighting text to copy/delete or "sticking" to images and icons and moving them around. Phoned Apple and got told that's the official description for computers over 5 years old. Over five years with no issues at all, apart from the one time the bathroom flooded and water poured down from the ceiling directly onto it. But a quick mop of the water and use of the disk utility to correct a few minor faults resolved that.

I partly resolved it by slowing the action down to a crawl and I can always use a mouse instead... well, not really, the trackpad is second nature now.

I think *vintage* describes my gaming tastes too, and me...

Submitting was a bit of a nightmare
November 10, 2011

I finally submitted something, but found I sent it before I got a chance to read it through and edit the thing. I didn't seem to find a button that allowed me to look it over before the submission went through. Is this just me, or a change?


Now playing
November 04, 2011

Grandia Parallel Trippers got a recent translation and it's fantastic. It's got the same spell set as Grandia (Stram, Fire Dragon Cut, Gadzap etc) with the same elemental combinations, and ALL the characters from Grandia are in the game. 29 of them in total, Leen, Mullen, the three bad girls, Lilly, Sue Justin, and Feena of course, plus people like Rapp. Main character is a kid who has no personality at all, but that hardly matters as he's the cipher for collecting the rest of the bunch. The dungeons are nice: elementally based, forest, fire, ice, water, sky, and some nifty platforming type navigation required. MC can jump over gaps and that's the main thing that you do. Also have a companion called Pinky who learns various skills to enable you to do extra things: like safely open dangerou

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Reviewing deadlock
October 24, 2011

I really could do with some help. I've got tons of reviews unfinished. I get so far and then I have a different idea and write something else, and then that doesn't fit with the original draft and I end up going around in circles... There are so many things to say in so many different ways.


Legend of Legaia
July 29, 2011

Sometimes it's hard to believe it was so long ago that games like this were released. Such a wonderful story, brilliant gameplay and magical soundtrack. I remember when I started playing and seeing those crude graphics in Rim Elm and thinking, I won't get far with this, and then having the battle training, and then all hell let's loose and you realise your tiny village is surrounded with mist before venturing out into the wide world. I was enchanted. And still remember each location so vividly, the monks of Biron, the half dead city, the mist fortress hovering over everything, the awful scenes where you learn of the fate of Noa's family. Wonderful stuff.

But then, there were so many games that fitted that description back in the days of PS1 RPGs.


July 16, 2011

Stumbled on a series of documentaries last night, featuring The Kinks. My favourite tracks:
Death of a Clown (written by Dave)
You really Got me
All day and all of the night
Tired of waiting for you
Till the end of the day
The Village Green Preservation Society
Where have all the good times gone.

etc etc - not to mention Lola, Waterloo Sunset.Autumn Almanac.

Ray Davies started writing songs at about 15 and many of them are wistful and full of regrets, as if he started life full of melancholy. Fantastic songwriter, and still alive! I was surprised to learn that they got banned in the US for about 5 years back in the 60s.

(Untitled Post)
July 12, 2011

Another review I'd never got around to finishing or submitting to GFs. It's probably over long, and the conclusion is a bit weak, but I couldn't decide how to end it, so hope someone might have something to say about that.


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