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styoung Hey, thanks for visiting my HonestGamers blog. I don't know why you here, but oh well.

Title: Backkk
Posted: July 20, 2006 (08:07 PM)
The trip ended up lasting longer than originally planned and was really fun and all. I've actually been back for a little while now but wanted to return with a bang (new review or something) but summer work is keeping me from doing that. So yeah, whats up guys?
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Type: Review
Game: The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (PlayStation 2)
Posted: May 22, 2006 (06:44 PM)
Lord of the Rings is the all-time classic fantasy novel, and now movie experience. Tolkien would be my favorite writer if it wasn't for R.A. Salvatore and the movies would be my favorite film trilogy if it wasn't for Star Wars (the original three of course). With all the hype The Third Age was getting, I was hopping that it would be the source of entertainment that broke the "runner-up" streak that Lord of the Rings has had with me. It did, but unfortunately not in a good wa...
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Type: Review
Game: Fable: The Lost Chapters (Xbox)
Posted: May 20, 2006 (08:14 AM)
Before the original Fable's release, lead designer Peter Molyneux hyped up the game so much that it seemed that it would be the most ingenious RPG ever. Upon release followers of Mr. Molyneux were disappointed to find that instead of the groundbreaking best RPG ever, what they found was a short, linear game that featured a bare-bones story and dumbed-down customization when compared to what was originally planned. Despite this, people still loved the game, mainly due to its fantastic presentatio...
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