Arc the Lad 2
May 17, 2008

After overcoming the "boring point" that's caused my efforts to taper off twice, this thing's finally underway in a major...way. This is my white whale!

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psychopenguin psychopenguin - May 27, 2008 (07:57 AM)
I bet you could FAQ the original in about three hours!
shotgunnova shotgunnova - May 27, 2008 (01:14 PM)
Probably -- it's pretty short. The boring part is fighting 1000 Arena battles for whatever prizes. It'll probably be second-to-last thing that gets written for.
psychopenguin psychopenguin - May 27, 2008 (06:18 PM)
You could always "borrow" from another FAQ. The prizes don't change. ;)
shotgunnova shotgunnova - June 02, 2008 (11:19 PM)
I'd prefer to corroborate theory, anyway. Fighting 1000 battles is uber-boring work.

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