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FF IXzzz
February 26, 2007

I decided to write for this game instead of Legend of Dragoon. There's so much crap going on, with shop lists, sidequests, ATEs, searching town for wonder lots of FAQs look so fractured or 'forget' to cover stuff.

But this is something I must do. Kind of like how Robert de Niro carried a huge sack of Spanish-brand armor up a mountain in 'The Mission' as his penance to God.

(Oscar speech)


Legend of Dragoon.......................YAY
February 21, 2007

Just finished writing for Grandia II. I think I might write up for one of my good PSX (which is the only kind I like playing, really) RPGS: Legend of Dragoon! Can I get a what-what about the game, its great music, its cool additions, and flying girls with huge hammers?

Hammers aren't as good as axes, but they'll do. <3


Grit + Your Face = In
February 11, 2007

What, you wanna fight about it? V for victory, sucka!


Grandia II is the Bomb
February 08, 2007

..the "Impact Bomb" that is! Nyuk-nyuk.

1) Great voice acting
2) Witty/humorous script
3) Not-that-trite characterization
4) Lead character has a pet eagle
5) Monsters can be avoided visually on the field
6) Allies can cancel enemy attacks, and vice versa
7) Battling has oft-seamless FMV segues/mingling
8) A character uses TWO chakrams as weapons
9) Goomba-free!
10) Avoids series sophomore slump

But why must every RPG have a scene where the naive ally calls so-and-so Mr/Mrs. and that person takes offense and makes them knock it off? It's a title of respect, people!


And They're Off
January 29, 2007

San Francisco Rush (N64) is the best racing game of all time. Keep your mechanics and simulation, Gran Turismo series, and give me death races and hairpin turns that I can't help exploding upon.


Holy crap!
January 19, 2007

They're making a "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" game. My favorite movie of all time! My favorite genre of all time! My favorite acronym of all time!

It's, like, I won the Kentucky Derby!


+1 Post of Destiny Appears!
January 18, 2007

Hi, fellas.


That's all.


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