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New details emerge about Persona 4: The Golden

Persona 4: Golden image

Persona 4: The Golden, the Vita port of Atlus' most recent entry in the Persona franchise, introduces a small treasure trove of new content to the popular RPG. With the planned Spring release in Japan looming in the distance, Atlus continues to tease some of what players can expect in the new version.

Though new personae were announced early on, what wasn't expected was that some of the existing ones would be getting makeovers as well. Recent magazine scans show the personae of Yosuke and Chie both have changed appearances from their original forms. These new looks can be seen below.

Persona 4: The Golden asset

Another change to the game is the ability to have two party members attack at once during combat. Before, players were limited to attacking one at a time or, when the opportunity presented itself, an all-out attack against a downed foe. It is not yet clear what incentives and disincentives there will be to balance out this feature.

Players will also be able to use the "Everyone's Voice" feature to see how other players decided to spend their time on a particular day in the game. Ski and inn events have been added as well, as have new outfits for characters to wear while exploring dungeons.

This is all in addition to the previously announced extra voice acting, new character, and new animated cutscenes that will accompany this version of the game. While those who have played Persona 4 before may be reluctant to buy the game again, Atlus is certainly adding a lot of content to encourage them to do so. Persona 4: The Golden certainly doesn't seem to be a lazy port.

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Staff article by Skyler Bunderson (December 28, 2011)

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