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Bastion receives Stranger's Dream DLC December 14th

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Just one day after releasing the Google Chrome version of Bastion, Supergiant Games had yet another announcement to make. As a holiday thank you to their supportive fanbase, they'll be releasing the Stranger's Dream DLC for Bastion December 14th, less than a week from now.

Those who have played Bastion will likely recall the Who Knows Where segments. For those who don't, they were dreams where the hero would fight off waves of enemies as Rucks' narration would delve into the backstory of the world and characters of Bastion.

These were entirely optional, but contributed to the story that Bastion told, helping to bring it to life. The chance to play yet another of these is sure to have many Bastion fans returning to the game as soon as the DLC is available.

That's not all this DLC brings to the game. A new Score Attack Mode starts players off with all the game's spirits and idols unlocked and rates their performance, even letting them replay segments for a better ranking on the new Leaderboards. Of course, to play the Score Attack Mode, players have to have beaten the game once already, which will be easier than ever before with the new No-Sweat Mode the DLC adds.

For Steam users, this update to the game will be downloaded automatically once it's available, free of charge. The same for those who are playing the new Google Chrome version.

Sadly, those who purchased the Xbox Live version of Bastion aren't quite as lucky. After a title update that adds some minor fixes to Bastion, they can download the DLC in-game for 80 Microsoft Points ($1). This is the unfortunate result of Microsoft policy.

Even so, $1 is incredibly cheap and the DLC certainly sounds worth the price. Just scavenge between your couch cushions for a few quarters and you're good to go.

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Staff article by Skyler Bunderson (December 09, 2011)

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