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Starhawk private beta begins Tuesday

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Starhawk, the space-faring sequel to Warhawk, has been years in the making. A select few will soon get a chance to find out if it's all been worth it, when the private beta hits PSN on Tuesday.

In the beginning, the beta will be limited to Warhawk fans who have agreed to receive Playstation emails. However, over time more and more interested fans will be able to join in. The Starhawk beta voucher that comes with Uncharted 3 will get those who have it into the beta in early 2012.

At the moment, Starhawk's beta is set to feature capture the flag gameplay in a variety of maps, with more content to be revealed as the beta continues. Harvard Bonin, a Senior Producer at SCEA, has said, "We’ve kept the initial roll out pretty tight as we exercise the systems, but we’ll open the kimono inch by inch so keep playing to see what we have in store for you."

The finished product, scheduled to release July 11th of the coming year, will include a single-player campaign, something that never made it into the final version of Warhawk. It will also feature RTS elements, such as the ability bunkers and armories.

If it sounds like you won't be able to get into the beta, don't worry. The team plans on getting beta codes into gamer hands through a number of gaming sites. You can increase your odds by registering on Starhawk's official site, too.

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Staff article by Skyler Bunderson (November 19, 2011)

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