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NBA 2K13 breaks franchise record for first-week sales

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An "expanding popularity" of the franchise deserves some of the credit, says 2K Sports.

It might have something to do with brand recognition or the game being very good -- heck, maybe even a lack of competition. In any case, NBA 2K13 has broken the franchise's record for first-week sales by 49 percent, shattering the previous first-week sales record of NBA 2K11.

The NBA basketball simulator, which was executive produced by Jay Z this year, also saw a 66 percent increase in international sales when compared to NBA 2K11, a feat accomplished thanks in part to the "expanding popularity of the NBA 2K brand," according to a 2K Sports press release.

“Our early sales figures are a validation of our ongoing efforts to push this franchise to new heights,” said Jason Argent, 2K Sports' vice president of marketing. “We owe it to our great fans to continually improve our title - year in and year out - and that’s exactly what we’ve done with NBA 2K13.”

I've been a fan of this franchise for years, and I must say the team at Visual Concepts is pretty darn consistent when it comes to the series' quality. Many congratulations to the developers of NBA 2K for reaching this latest accomplishment!

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Staff article by Jonathan Davila (October 12, 2012)

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