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Hitman review.
August 20, 2006

I've been working on a Hitman: Blood Money review. Just the beginning...here...a little excerpt:

"That’s where Hitman: Blood Money begins its glorious start into the ride of a lifetime. You play as Agent 47, a clone, and one of the most perfected clones. He was designed to kill his targets on his missions, and The Agency hands those missions out to him. Somewhat straightforward.

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UNO review.
August 14, 2006


Yay! I got accepted.

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August 13, 2006

I wrote a "mini" review for UNO today on the XBLA. HG doesn't have it listed, so it's a GameFaqs exclusive for now. >_>;

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Time to settle down.
July 30, 2006

Two past reviews of mine that I submitted earlier this month, were rejected, and the critique ... sort of put me in place. I looked back on the reviews. I realized how crappy they were and intend to do better. Actually, I'm going to write a NEW review, which hasn't been done by me for ages. I'm thinking Call of Duty 2. I've recollected enough knowledge about it and I feel sufficient enough to pull through with a decent review.


July 29, 2006

Lately, I've piled myself with some time to play some 360. Out of the past days, Hitman seems to have won me out. I play it constantly. It is now my favorite game.

Call of Duty 2, I've been playing online and veteran campaign on and off. I ran into some troll online that told me that I sucked.

I had 44 kills.


Anyways. Yeah.


Hit ... man?
July 21, 2006

I tried Hitman again today (Blood Money version; Xbox 360) and I was on the second mission. Well ... I had some difficulty going through the mission.

First of all. I wanted to get an SA ranking. Badly. For the achievement.

Well, the GameSpot guide and the helpful guides on GameFaqs ensured my goal more.

So, I began. Checked the guides every two seconds and such. Just to be sure.

I quickly got the clothes, successfully killed my first target with a few wine barrels and now my next kill was closer to me than ever. Of course, not literally, but metophorically.

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Yay...for tedious gameplay.
July 20, 2006

I unlocked three achievements for Prey --"Young Blood" -- get 50 kills in deathmatch."Ten Games" -- Play ten ranked matches."Acid Sprayer" -- get 25 kills with the acid sprayer....I think that's how it goes...anyways...I have this chair. It has built-in speakers for my gaming, and it also has this "adjustment", where you can adjust the volume and...dundundundundundundundundun...DUN...Vibration.Yep. It vibrates like a massage and it feels good. Yeah, well, I vowed that TODAY, and only TODAY, I would finish COD2 (I'm on reg. -- vet. next). Well, you see...I had thirteen missions to go. Well, a bit of a challenge. Ol' Micro doesn't mind a challenge.It's challenging.I got through the entire British campaign...well, I don't really even remember it, exactly now ... sad.

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