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microvision "Walls are falling, churches burning, women ravaged, children crying, flesh is tearing, some still fighting, in this world of misery." - Avenged Sevenfold

Title: Hitman review.
Posted: August 20, 2006 (11:15 AM)
I've been working on a Hitman: Blood Money review. Just the beginning...here...a little excerpt:

"That’s where Hitman: Blood Money begins its glorious start into the ride of a lifetime. You play as Agent 47, a clone, and one of the most perfected clones. He was designed to kill his targets on his missions, and The Agency hands those missions out to him. Somewhat straightforward.

Throughout the game, you follow a former FBI Agent telling a reporter the stories of Agent 47’s kills and how the FBI was on his trail from the beginning. Each story that he tells, obviously, places you in Agent 47’s position to carry out the kill. The FBI Agent is apparently telling this reporter the stories, so that the reporter can write an article and get the population to turn against the President, whom is trying to legalize cloning."

I need to work on it a lot. Oh, and I seriously can't believe LH is...going on a hiatus from reviewing? Bah! I remember telling him how fun reviewing was and he wrote that DMC3 review afterward.
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Type: Review
Game: Uno (Xbox 360)
Posted: August 13, 2006 (05:46 PM)
It seems that as I age, my fingers become more restless and a bit slow, thus making games a wonderful hell of frustration and agony. It doesnt matter how big that hole in my wall from my controller is, aggravation overwhelms me. Lucky for me, UNO always allays my troublesome game experiences.
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