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madskillet Who doesn't like blogs? No one! Thats why I made my own.

Title: Ohh...Ronnie Mcrae
Posted: July 18, 2006 (04:36 PM)
Ronnie Mcrae changed my life. This umm...complex character in Most Wanted has taught me some great, new phrases. "You aint got enough rep to roll with him!" Wow, he's way too cool for me. It was so satisfying to destroy him in a couple of head to head races. Then theres also Razor. "Five grand...FIVE GRAND!" He stole my car and has filled my inbox with idiotic, yet hilarious messages. I have to thank Most Wanted, not only for a quality game, but the accidental humor they put into it.
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Type: Review
Game: Need for Speed: Underground (PlayStation 2)
Posted: August 08, 2006 (03:04 PM)
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 and Porsche Unleashed had you speeding through peaceful European villages in exotic cars. However, after the movie “The Fast and the Furious” was released, EA decided to move the series into new territory. In Underground, you put the pedal to the metal in cheap import cars to prove your skill on the dark city streets. There’s a vast amount of modifications for every vehicle, which ensures that no two cars are alike in the fabulous online play. In addition, each ...
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Type: Review
Game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Miscellaneous)
Posted: July 20, 2006 (11:33 AM)
Entering into the bright, open world of Tamriel from the dark, gloomy sewers you are introduced to a stunning display of the massive landscape. An exciting experience filled with intense sword fights and mystical creatures awaits you. Become a thief, killer, mage, hero, become whatever you want, there is only one thing that is certain: you are going to enjoy your stay in Tamriel. Oblivion is filled with remarkable discoveries that will keep you intrigued for a long time By just walking throughou...
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Type: Review
Game: Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (PlayStation 2)
Posted: July 17, 2006 (05:58 PM)
Attempting to do something unique, EA ships its players out to the Pacific to battle the Japanese in Rising Sun. Fighting on Japanese soil is a nice change of pace, but Rising Sun smacks you with brain dead AI, blocky environments, and flat out boring gameplay. Instead of shooting through some of the most intense battles from World War II, you are placed in a peaceful and exotic location to do extremely dull objectives. Rising Sun also fails to deliver a good plot with characters that you care a...
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