July 17, 2006

Some Movies are good, some movies are bad, nad some just cnat be missed. just a quick compilation of my top 10 movies and movie series of all time.

1. Star Wars- sure episode I and II aren't amazing but the entire series is one of the best
2. Back to the future-funny, witty, and crazy, make for one great trilogy
3. Indiana Jones-please make 4, id otn care that Harrison ford is 64
4.Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead man's chest reaffirmed that this one of the preimere series in movie history. 258 million in 10 days? crazy.
5.Lord of the Rings-i had high hopes, and PJ delivered.
6.Edward Scissorhands-quite possibly the most under-rated movie of all time.
7.Spiderman- 1 & 2 rocked my socks, and 3 is looking even better. Hello venom.
8. The italian Job-probabyl the biggest surprise for most on the list. I liekd how it was witty, and the all the characters are extremely well done, even Mark Wahlberg does good acting.
9. The Matrix-revolutions and reloaded werent all i had hoped for, but still delivered excellent sequels to one o the better movies of all time
10. Amercan Pie-no Band camp please. what would my life be without Jim, Jim's dad, and Stifler? not much.

honorable mentions: Forrest Gump, Harry Potter, Shrek, Ice Age, Toy Story, and Traing Day.

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