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February 18, 2008

Finding the LOST Ones – “The Economist”

Since he first ran into Rousseau and showed his technical prowess early on in Season one, Sayid has always been one of my favorite characters on the show. He always seems to be right when it comes to judging character (Henry Gale, Michael, and Mikhail come to my mind), and in general seems the most sane of the people on Flight 815. And while last year’s flashback was a huge letdown compared to his other stories, it was nice see the writers throw him in the oceanic six, and give his flash forward one of the best midseason twists in LOST history. It further proves how much stronger Season four is then last season or the season before that. In Season three, we would be talking about Locke’s vision and saving Eko and in season two, discussing the issue of “Man of Science (Jack) versus Man of Faith (Locke)” in the hatch again. And while both those themes were favored heavily again, we saw a nice twist on them, with the character who will “Lt you know when he’s decided which side he’s on.”

Even my name scares you.
Something was eerily chilling about the scene of Sayid on the golf course, the way the other man’s face darkened and showed fear upon learning that Sayid was on the Oceanic six was just wrong. Especially since the Sayid on the Island vowed to never torture or be the monster he was in the army again. Yet like Jack and Hurley something changed for Sayid when he left that Island, almost as if he wasn’t supposed to. Hurley had escaped the Mental institution and was living fine on the Island, Jack always had something to fix, Kate was no longer a wanted Criminal, and Sayid was free from the army, FBI, and any association to terrorist groups when that plane crashed. Yet now, in the future, Jack is a drunk who nearly attempted suicide, Hurley was elated to go back the SRMI, Kate has somewhere to “run” back to, and Sayid is an assassin. What happened when they all get rescued and how many people get rescued. Its clear that more then 6 are getting off the Island, and I think it’s very possible 3 “others” will be joining them.

It’s a complete full circle of lying and betrayals
As I pointed out last week our beloved 815er’s have come full circle and are in fact the Others now. They have a dictator for a leader (Locke), a secondary leader with a conscience (Hurley – Sawyer), a mysterious leader that few have met (Jacob), are taking hostages (Charlotte, Ben, Sayid, Kate), living in Othersville, and making deals to put spies in different locations. There is no way that Sayid just traded Miles for Charlottle as they had already captured Miles, Charlotte, and Kate at that point and had nothing to gain by letting two hostages walk. Sayid offered locke something else, something he couldn’t refuse if he let Sayid leave with Charlotte. My guess is spying for Locke and finding out who Ben has on the boat (Question, when Charlotte got back and the plane took off why didn’t she warn Frank that Ben was spying on their boat and not to trust anyone when he gets back there?) Just as Ethan and Goodwin infilatrated the losties camp, Sayid is infiltrating the Freighters camp, now all Locke needs is to send someone to check up on Jack and we’ve got ourselves the start of the show again, including a pregnant woman. Oh, and if you want more proof, Locke brought refreshments to the prisoners before he was going to interrogate them. That’s not familiar at all.

The Economist
In probably one of the stupidest decisions he has made on the show, Sayid decided to try and have an information affair with Elsa. Yet it didn’t stick out to him like a sore thumb when she told him her job was to shop two days a year, there is obviously more to her and her job then she let on Sayid, I mean honestly where would one find an opening for a job like that: “Work, two days a year, aid to an economist, must be hot blonde female, must be willing to kill.” Something was fishy and the on Island Sayid would have been able to pick that up right away. Of course, who is the economist that Charlotte works for? A man like a real economist who finds everything expandable has no attachments to anyone or their feelings, trades for the best value, and doesn’t get suckered into anything and is always planning his net four moves. Gee sounds a lot like Ben to me. Yet the revelation that Sayid works for Ben screwed me theory mid-episode on that one. So as a backup plan I’m going with my gut and saying it has to be Charles Widmore, who would have the money and will to hire someone like that. I’m ruling out Mr. Paik as I’m sticking to Jin/Sun getting off the Island, and Matthew Abaddon is creepy enough without someone like that working for him.

Mittelos Bioscience
Time and that Island have always been off by a long shot, but no we know for certain that something is wrong thanks to a very innocent looking experiment by Daniel Faraday, where his payload arrives 31 minutes too late. But the line everyone seems to be looking over was when Daniel made the phone call and Frank told him “If Minkowski comes on the line hang up right away.” Now why would one of the crew not be allowed to talk to what seems like one of the leaders of their missions especially if he is just performing a simple experiment. Minkowski gets more mysterious every week and that helicopter can’t get there quick enough for me. I have no idea who Minkowski is or what we can expect, but I suspect he is not who he seems and is not a nice guy.

Other various information/guesses:
-I think these 9 people not on the freighter crew get off the Island:
Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Desmond, Juliet, and Ben.
-I think Claire and Sun will discuss who gets to go and Claire changes her fate and lets Sun/Jin go if it means it will save their baby.
-How many more mystery men are we going to hear about this year before we finally meet one? Man on the boat, Jacob, The economist, Minkowski, the list gets bigger every week
-As sayid has always been he is the divider between Jack/Locke, He is not a pure man of faith or science, and has no ties to anyone. He is the best leader and strategist on the Island and that’s why he was the first to leave the Island
-Regardless all of the Oceanic six will return to the Island together before the show ends.

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