Finding The LOST Ones - Confirmed Dead
February 10, 2008

Finding the LOST Ones – Confirmed Dead

Well we did get several answers amongst the millions of questions that would seem to percolate to the surface. We also gained a few bits of clarification on issues that arose, saw that for the first time the show as has come full circle and that life on the Island is in fact nothing but a repeated pattern, no one is beyond suspicion, and no one, absolutely no one knows everything that’s going on the Island. Of course we gain another how does Ben know everything moment, another open ended who the man on the boat/in the coffin, and another appearance from Mr. Super Creepy a.k.a Matthew Abaddon.

Contrary to our narrator’s speculation we didn’t and won’t learn who Naomi’s sister is. As it was in fact a code phrase, which makes me wonder what other code phrases our new Island inhabitants have on them that we haven’t heard them have to say. I had thought something was up when “previously on LOST” re-played her saying those lines. I think our compadres have a lot more secrets then were even close to knowing and they all have a reason for getting to the Island, being on the team, and much more of a mission then simply kidnapping Benjamin Linus. There was a reason for the timing as well, Abaddon simply didn’t pick days after the discovery of 815 to send out his troops to find the Island, he knows the inhabitants live, and knew that these people and the remaining survivors would be the key to finding the Island again.

Daniel Faraday Flashback/General Analysis:
Easily the shakiest of all the newbies to the Island and we learned that right away. While watching footage of the discovery of “Oceanic Flight 815” he started to cry and didn’t know why. I’ll tell you why he cried because he knew it wasn’t the flight and that the Island did in fact exist. They weren’t tears of sadness, but tears of joy. He’s a head case, but on LOST do we ever expect anyone close to normal? He’s indecisive, deceiving, and unknowingly a member of a party he to disrupt the inhabitants of our Island. I don’t think he’ll be anywhere close to a threat to the Island and seems to have respect for the 815er’s leading to me believe he’ll be on the show to the end. He’s more then a Physicist, as he doesn’t like to be called just that. His last name, like many on the show is no coincidence as “Faraday” was a famous scientist, whose units for electric charge are replaced by the modern coulomb. He did work in the fields of electromagnetism, and I’m supposed to buy that it’s a coincidence he’s on the Island, yeah right. He’ll be the key in discovering how the Island is invisible unless it wants to be found, and help to discover the source of the giant electromagnetic anomaly, as the Swan isn’t the only electro magnet, the storm and two nearly crashed helicopters back that up.Total speculation but if Daniels a head case any chance he's been to the Santa Rosa Mental Institution where Hugo Reyes stayed at?

Miles Straume
Easily the weirdest, most combat ready, and senile of the helicopter crew (HC from here on out). He purposefully set a trap for when he was discovered and spotted Kate going for the gun instantly. All that pales in comparison to his ghost busting ability, and seeming ability to contact the other side. I don’t really know what to make of it at all, it’s obvious that he’s on the Island because of all the deaths and will prove valuable in determining what happened to the Dharma initiative, when I suspect Jack and Kate should magically find the pit of the dead souls, as well as any corpses buried at the barracks or wherever they head. He headstrong and easily angered and dead set on getting Ben for some reason, yet I can’t help but feel he’s going to be the first f the crew to die, no one is ever that headstrong and survives on the Island I don’t care how well you can talk to the dead. Hell, he almost got himself shot the way he whipped that gun around. Whoever’s house he visited off the Island has some connection to Nigeria and Eko as that picture on the wall-looked way to similar to Eko and way to different to the other photos of her grandson. The opening of his flashback, and the way he didn’t seem to think or care about the discovery of Flight 815 makes me think he knows that they aren’t all dead not all 324 of them (108 * 3 btw), he would have felt that. It’s also why he has no shock at all, like Jack said about discovering so many alive on the Island. I’m not sure why Matthew wanted him on the team, but I think there’s a lot to Miles that he would rather not tell, notice how angry he got when Daniel just about said his last name (which I can’t find any significance to).

Charlotte Staples Lewis (C.S. Lewis):
Didn’t catch that name the first name around did you, I assure that name is no coincidence either. How the stories tell of different ways to open portals and ways on the Island…or I mean Narnia. And how always when you find Narnia there was someone there who did something before you. Excellent name choice and parallel choice by the writers. Then there is her magical flashback which links her in some way to the Dharma initiative, that smile on her face as well as knowing exactly where to look for the collar. She smiled beamingly when she saw the Hydra logo, she knows the Island exists, knows of the Dharma initiative, and wants to go back. Also her absolute doubt in the discovery of Flight 815 is her connection to knowing that the plane hasn’t been found and is more then likely on this Island.

Frank Lapidus:
A drunk, a pilot, a cook, a wearer of hawaiin shirts, and the propsed pilot of Flight 815. The last one is the reason Frank needed to fly the helicopter to get on the Island because he was already supposed to be there. And it was blatant in his flashback that he knew they didn’t find 815. (Note in the Pilot episode, the pilot of Flight 815 does in fact have a wedding ring just as he shouted in the phone!) I haven’t quite figured out what his role in the long run will be, I fully suspect he will get back off the Island, and it was his fault that Seth Norris was killed. Upon the crash the Monster knew right away that Seth was not supposed to be on the Island and cleaned up the mess and the mistake that had been made. This decision was also the key in these four new people getting to the Island. Everyone on the Island has a purpose and will play a role at some point.

We have now come full circle:
Remember it was only 93 island days ago when our survivors crash-landed on a plane on a bizarre Island. From then on they feared the others and the mysteries that seemingly followed them. Well here we are now with a helicopter that was struck by lightning and crash-landed sending it’s inhabitants all over the Island (Oceanic 815 was split into three parts). And these new people now have something to fear as well especially Charlotte Lewis. Oh, and if you didn’t feel the parallels between the “The Hunting Party” when Tom yells “Light’em up” and tells Jack he is surrounded, and the scene where Jack tells miles his men are in the jungle and to put the guns down, then you haven’t been paying attention. Very subtly our losties have become the others, where some want to get off the Island and others want to stay. They performed their purge on the Island last season, and the only differences in the two is that Locke is a far more open and expressive leader then Ben, who upfront tells people why is he doing something even if it makes no sense at the time. This certainly is the last time we will see Island occurences come full circle as I suspect the entire Oceanic 6 will crash land together back on the Island at some point. As dr. Greg House says “No one changes and everyone lies”, sounds like a great summary of LOST.

Questions and a lack of Answers or any good theory of mine yet:
Here’s the list of questions that I haven’t worked out how it all works yet:
1. Who is Ben’s man on the boat – I doubt it’s Mikhail despite his contact with Naomi, he’d be leaving the Island far to frequently for that and he was in the Flame presumeabley the entire time, and when he wasn’t he was supposed to be dead. I think he knew the man on the boat and drew more info from Naomi. I also think Michael may be on the friehgter but not as Ben’s man, he never personally met Ben until he was supposed to “leave” the Island.

2. Where is that Ben Photo taken from and why isn’t the monitor plugged in? Did dharma have some information day that Ben attended. Great outfit at least.

3. Why does Miles want to find Ben so badly? The leader of his team is dead, his helicopter has low fuel and crashed, and yet he still cares very angrily about Ben.

4. Why did Locke ask about the Monster? Was Locke testing Ben? Does Jacob know? Does Locke know? Does anyone on the Island have all the answers about what has happened on the Island?

5. Why is the light not bending properly like miles says it should?

6. How on earth does Miles talk to Ghosts?

Details on Next weeks episode MINOR SPOILERS:
-The Episode is entitled “The Economist” and is a Sayid centric episode
-We will meet another member of the Oceanic Six
-Were headed back to othersville, or I guess “lockes team town” now

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Suskie Suskie - February 11, 2008 (02:51 PM)
Nice summary, and good eye catching little details like Charlotte's name. Responses and questions of my own to follow, I'm just too tired right now.

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