Finding the LOST Ones: S4E01
February 01, 2008

Season 4 – Episode 1 “The Beginning of the End”

After what seems like ages ABC’s one mega hit not just super hit television show returned to the airwaves with a vengenance last week, and I’m not just talking about the increased ratings. After leaving fans around the world, yours truly included, in the 100% dark after last season’s “Snake in the Mailbox” we finally got another glimpse at the future, another Jack Vs Locke conflict, and a boatload of questions without a boatload answers.

Immediately you could tell this episode was going to be something special as it broke several LOST traditions in the very first scene. Firstly, it was Hurley flashforward, making it the first non-Jack centric premiere episode, and secondly the series opened with a pile of mangos instead of an eye gazing into the camera, though later on we got a very mysterious one staring at us. As Ben recollected in last seasons finale making that call was the beginning of the end and this episode only further to ceased to drive that point home. From here on out the breakdown won’t be in the chronological order of the show but in relevance to my thoughts, theories, and little things most people skipped over.

The first thing we have to look at is how Hurley is special in more ways then one. His ability to make things re-appear and disappear is unlike anyone elses, is this because unlike everyone else on the island he has no dirty deeds or dark secrets in his past? He seemingly forced Charlie, Matthew, and the Jacob’s cabin to disappear upon his command. Interesting how Charlie told him twice (his palm in the interrogation room) that “they” needed him while Matthew questioned whether “they” were still alive. The even later Hurley told Jack that “it” not “they” might bring them back to the Island. It seems too obvious that “they” refers to the remaining members of the survivors not in the Oceanic Six (Assuming Jack, Hurley, Kate are three I’ll take Sayid, Sin and Jun as my other three) is too obvious, I think they are the members of the freighter coming to the island and the Dharma initiative and our creepy friend Matthew knows about Hanso and wants answers to what happened. The it that might bring them back to the Island is the smoke monster whom it seems very possible took the shape of Charlie and Matthew in the episode.

One other thing that struck me as truly odd was seeing Ana Lucia’s former Cop partner in the room. Not that him being there was odd, this LOST and everyone is connected to everyone, but the way he asked about Ana Lucia. Only asking if Hurley had met her before the flight. This implies that he doesn’t know she survived the crash and that it’s believed only six people ever survived Oceanic Flight 815 with everyone else being killed prior to the crash or as the crash happened. Additionally this ties into the cover-up story that Jack ensured Hurley wasn’t to going to tell and that jack was “sick of lying” about in the finale. I’m going with my gut and saying Charlies Widmore is behind the cover-up in an effort to keep Penny from Desmond and to keep the Island hidden from regular view. Of course, this leads to the question, what happens to Penny since she knows the Island exists and knows that Charlie was alive on it with Desmond. Thus she would know from his statement that multiple people survived the crash and with that much money and presumably some fame wouldn’t she go public with her knowledge and question the Oceanic six. A second theory is that she is going about it quietly and Matthew actually works for her, but I heavily doubt this I think he is with the people on the freighter.

Of course this wouldn’t really be complete at all without discussing the obvious Jacob’s cabin moment, where the cabin does move when Hurley runs away I’ve re-watched the scene multiple times to be sure. When he looks in the cabin window he does see Christian Shepherd and the same eye we witnessed in “The Man Behind The Curtain”, which is not John Lockes. Yet according to Ben Jacob can only be heard and seen when he wants to be and he contacts you not the other way around, so why is it that Jacob wanted to see and speak to Hurley, why did he move his cabin and open his door to invite Hurley in, and why how did he fix his lantern? Also we heard the whispers as Hurley got near the cabin is it possible that the whispers are merely the sounds Jacob makes when he is having a conversation and does not want to be heard, in this case discussing something with Christian that Hugo couldn’t hear?

I also thought the last bit of the flashforward where Hurley tells jack that he’s sorry he went with Locke was interesting. What does Locke do that makes Hurley think taking his side was the wrong one, when we could clearly see that it was Jack not Locke who was angrier, scared and more uncertain then ever. The way he looks into the nose section, how he could have shot Locke if their bullets, and how didn’t look happy or seem to care when people went with Locke. Jack has happened democracy and has become a man solely obsessed with fixing things and getting himself of the Island with other people his friends, as the secondary thought. Yet in his flash forward last season we saw that something changed Jack’s opinion he went from “Were never going back” to “We Have to go back” and if he wants to go back why didn’t he go see Hurley who thought “it” would want them back? Does Jack come to his senses and realize that leaving the Island fixed nothing and in order to make things right for himself and everyone on that plane he has to return to the Island save the surivivors, reveal the conspiracy, and show the Island for what it is to the pubic eye? Maybe he doesn’t have to go that far, but something in the future bothers Jack enough to make to a 180 on his opinion from this episode.

So with that I’ll wrap this thing up and I will try to done of these recaps theory things every new episode. Heres a couple things ***minor spoilters*** to look for next week, this is based on the season 4 trailer and the ABC press release and my opinion:

1. We will see Michael. He’s on the casting list (was for Episode 1 to) and I think we’ll be seeing him in a flashback though, not on the Island yet
2. We will meet the friehgt crew for the most part
3. Matthew Abaddon is due for a return
4. The flashback is based on the characters on the Freighter
5. Title is “Confirmed Dead” presumeably referring to Naomi
6. Jack will realize Ben was not to far off about the people on the boat
7. We will see the Smoke Monster in one form or another

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Suskie Suskie - February 01, 2008 (08:39 PM)
Nice summary. You picked out a lot of minute details that I never would have noticed; despite being a loyal fan, I've always had difficulties keeping track of everything that's going on in this show.

A couple of minor notes:

  • We already know three of the "Oceanic Six." I think you're correct about Sayid being one of them, but I would guess that Jin and Sun will stay on the island. Remove them, and the pregnant women conflict (which is one of those big "Lost mysteries") is gone. I'm thinking Claire might be one of the Oceanic Six. With Charlie gone, added with everything else that's happened to her on the show, the island holds nothing but bad memories and she'll want to get away from it all. Also, how cool would it be if Locke wound up one of the Oceanic Six? That would put an interesting spin on the plot.
  • On that note, I'm still trying to figure out who was in the funeral in the season three finale. I have several friends who are also Lost fans, and that's the biggest topic of discussion between us whenever the show comes up. We have it narrowed down to Ben and Michael, neither of whom would be counted as the Oceanic Six. Can you think of any other possibilities?
  • Two names in the cast stuck out for me: Harold Perineau (whom you already mentioned) and "guest star" Billy Rat Gallion, who plays Hurley's old boss at the fast food joint. Neither was in the episode as far as I could tell, so it'll be interesting to see if either of these actors return.
  • As for Hurley's ability to make things "appear and disappear"... Honestly, I'd say he's just mentally unstable. Remember his invisible friend at the hospital? Charlie was probably just a figment of Hurley's imagination, and the second sighting of Jacob's cabin probably is as well. Unless of course they're images created by the smoke monster, though I doubt that.
  • By the way, what do you think are the chances that Jacob is a form of the smoke monster? We've known the thing to take the form of other humans in the past (Walt, Ecko's brother, etc.), and I've always viewed it as the island's "judge," while Jacob also has a sort of authority over what goes on there. I guess it's not entirely out of the question.
  • I doubt the flashbacks/flashforwards next week will be centered around new characters. When, aside from the series pilot, has an episode centered its flashbacks around a character that just got introduced? I think we'll see at least one more of the Oceanic Six next week, though.
ghostyghost ghostyghost - February 02, 2008 (09:40 AM)
As much as it would blow minds that Locke left the Island I just can't see it happening, Everything about him is for the Island at seemingly any costs. He was willing to blow up a submarine, smack Sayid over the head, and throw a Knife at Naomi's back having never previously met her. If claire goes off and counts a memeber of the six would Aaron count as well? or would they say she had baby after they crashed?

My guess was Ben because it mad the most sense. Relatively small casket, No friends or family off the Island, none of the Six would go to his funeral as he never did anything to help them, and Jack says "Neither" when asked if he was friend or family. But Jack cried almost as if he lost one of his last connections to finding his way back to the Island.

Hurley's former boss Randy was in the show for all of about 4 seconds, I didn't catch it the first time, but when Hurley jumps the ramp and crashes into the store it's Randy whose filming him on the handheld camera. Very brief and minor role.

Yeah Hurley does have a few mental issues. On the Dave note, Hurley saw a Dead Charlie, a Dead Christian Shepherd, and a Dead Dave (presumeably). No idea where to go with this, but seems like a very odd connection.

I think Jacob is a person and that the volcanic ash around his cabin is to contain him, he can roam and move the cabin all around these places but he can't do as he pleases. I think Jacob can control the smoke monster, but the monster also has a mind of his own when it comes to judging people (like Eko and Locke) on the Island. And I don't think we'll learn the truth about the Smoke Monster till the last season as it's been the biggest secret since the Pilot episode.

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