Top 25 Singles of 2007
January 10, 2008

25. Inconsolable – Backstreet Boys
The song let you knew that the Boys were back to what they were before the three year break and really represents the album, which was heavily under-rated, very well. This is pop music as it’s finest, cheesy love ballads.

24. The Evening News – Chamillionaire
The Evening News was higher until I realized that as individual single it’s not that amazing. Yet, I couldn’t take it off the list as that would be a disgrace to how good the album as a whole is, and to fully understand the song and appreciate you really have to listen to “Ultimate Victory”

23. We Taking Over – D.J. Khaled ft. Rick Ross, T.I. Fat Joe, Akon, Weezy, & Birdman
I have no idea what it is about this song, maybe the super catchy hook or the fact that every verse outside of Birdman’s is not too shabby. It’s ring tone rap, but at the same time it’s not terrible and it’s flows smoothly from verse to verse. Whatever it is, it’s a song I always seem to be able to give a few more listens to.

22. The Way I Are – Timbland ft. Keri Hilson & D.O.E
This song had hit written over it when the album came out, and the remix with Sebastian is pretty terrible, the original song has a great beat and a nice chorus, despite some weaker verses in the lyrics department.

21. Touchdown – T.I. ft Eminem
Easily the best song on T.I. vs. T.I.P, with a fantastic chorus and three funny verses. The odd part is how much the chorus brags that they will incite a riot, but Eminem’s verse is about kids putting nail polish on his rims and permanent marker on his windows so he can’t see? It’s funny and sounds great, but really doesn’t fit the song well at all.

20. Lost Highway – Bon Jovi
Is this Country or Rock? The guitar solo partway through says rock, but the rest of the melody says country. I guess it’s a bit of both, and is nice tune to listen to when your driving almost anywhere, or just driving to nowhere on your own lost highway.

19. Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood
It’s mean, it’s funny, it’s fierce, and it’s one of the few country songs I’ve ever able to understand and like at the same time. In my opinion the far and away best artist to ever to be a winner on American Idol, as she actually seems to have some vocal talent. The fact it was the third longest song in billboard hot 100 history is pretty crazy and amazing at the same time.

18. The Good Life – Kanye West ft. T-Pain
Cocky, arrogant, catchy, and upbeat or the way Kanye should be, throw in what seems like a patented T-Pain hook whenever he is in any song this year and you’ve got a song that’s certainly easy to dance to. It’s a fun song just hear with a nice beat and it’s what we’ve come to expect from Kanye.

17. Ayo Technology – 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
I think this was the song that let everyone know anything Timbaland and to a degree Timberlake was turning to gold this year. They managed to take 50 Cent whose previous singles were all the same and make a song with a smooth beat and great chorus and just enough to separate it from other sex songs and stand out in a crowded field, even 50’s voice fits the beat perfectly.

16. Flashing Lights – Kanye West ft. Dwele
One of the last singles released in 2007 and one of the strongest beats on Graduation. With one remix and freestyle already out there I’m sure this beat will get passed around plenty while this single grows. It’s one of the hidden gems on Graduation and is a song you should definitely give some listens to.

15. When I’m Gone - Simple Plan
Lyrically, it’s just like every other simple song, but in terms of music it’s totally different. Friend of Timbaland Nate Hills is the producer and it shows in the much more hip-hop sounding single for the band none for the borderline emo music. It shows a change in the band, which hopefully carry over into their third album, which is to be self-titled, Simple Plan.

14. Into The Night – Santana ft. Chad Kroeger
These two team up before on the song “Why Don’t you and I” but promotional problems made the lead singer of the Calling the singer on the single, thankfully it’s Chad the whole way and as always excellent guitar work from Santana. It’s a song that’s easy to listen to, and there is a good reason it climbed to #2 its second week on the Canadian Hot 100 charts.

13. Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston
Yeah it’s a heavy sample, yeah its lyrics are pretty fundamental, and yeah that’s a synthesized voice. However it works and creates the song of the summer and it’s release was timed perfectly, it’s simple and smooth and over the top in terms of break-ups, But summertime comes and goes, and heck next time you don’t ask a hot girl out, just claim the break-up would have made you suicidal. Should make you feel better.

12. Umbrella – Rihanna ft. Jay-Z
I don’t have much to say here. I didn’t think Rihanna was anything special for her first two albums and the singles of them were mediocre to decent at best. Then heard this song and realized she seems to have at least some talent and can create a good song. Not sure what changed for her, but this single and her third album “Good Girl Gone Bad” were a change for the better for sure.

11. Bleed it Out – Linkin Park
Arguably Linkin Park’s best song, but not necessarily their best single. It loses points for having one of the worst videos of the year. Otherwise I have no real beef with the song other Chester’s Voice seems scratchier at the end on the last verse, and it really made me wonder why they didn’t let Mike Shinoda rap a little more on the album.

10. Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) – Wyclef Jean ft. Akon, Lil’ Wayne & Niia
Say what you will about his album, but this song is good, the hook and shout out to the Wu Tang Clan (did you catch it C.R.E.A.M) and then the soft Niia vocals in the background tying the song together. Akon even has more then a Chorus for once and Lil’ Wayne voice seems less annoying then usual.

9. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’) – T-Pain ft. Young Joc
Probably the pick up phrase of the year “Let’s get drunk and forget what we did” as well as many other wonderful lines thrown into this beat about buying ladies drinks to get what you want. Though, I’d love to know what dance T-Pain is doing in that video. Young Joc verse is funny and well put and the song just has an excellent flow to it, and on prom night had everyone dancing to say the least.

8. Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5
It was nice to wake up and listen to new Maroon 5 earlier this year, and it certainly helped that their lead single was as good as the best songs on “Songs About Jane”. It’s an up tempo heartbreak song kind of, and Adam Levine’s soft voice carries us through the song, and it certainly wasn’t an accident that it jumped to #1 after only one week on the charts.

7. Paralyzer – Finger Eleven
Here’s a song that totally came from left field and a band that certainly didn’t imagine having a single big enough, but Paralyzer is huge and it’s heads and shoulders above any of their other songs. Sure “One Thing” was good, but it doesn’t touch this one. It was a massive hit in Canada and even so long after release (originally released March 6th) it peaked on the charts at #7 in December. A breakthrough song for a band that hasn’t had anything close to a song as good as this.

6. What I’ve Done – Linkin Park
While arguably a worse song then Bleed it out, Chester’s voice isn’t as scratchy and the video isn’t horrendous. It was a huge change and not what I expected from Linkin Park coming off such a long break, and the weird thing is I like it more then their old stuff, which I still thought was good. And it gets bonus points for being in Transformers, which was totally sweet.

5. The Heart Gently Weeps – Wu Tang Clan
When you have an album as good as 8 diagrams it’s hard to have a stand out song, and when it’s released so late, and only has one single released in 2007 it’s a good thing they picked my favorite song on the album. The chorus is smooth and the lyrics are as good as you’d expect. Just a great song that is going to get underplayed because it’s not ring tone rap.

4. Apologize – One Republic
This is the original version, not the Timbaland I kind of changed the beats and say “eh” in the song version. The original is much more instrument heavy and much easier and smoother to listen to. While lyrically identical, the songs just sounds better with instruments instead of a fabricated beat. It makes me think we should keep an eye on One Republic, as this is a fantastic song.

3. Roc Boys (And The Winners Is…) – Jay-Z
When Blue Magic leaked I thought it was good, but I wasn’t ready to declare Jay back on it. Then the second single, Roc Boys leaked and I knew something big was coming. It was up-tempo, swinging, and Jay was back to rhyming like he used to before Kingdom Come. As much the fast and loud horns would have you believe different the song is about drug dealing and seems happier then every other song about it. It’s fun to listen to and features some guests like Beyonce, Cassie, and Kanye on the chorus who aren’t credited. Definitely one of the pleasant surprises of the year.

2. Don’t Matter – Akon
I’m not going to powder coat it, before I heard this song I didn’t think too much of Akon. ‘Smack That” was one of the most over-rated songs of 2006, and his prior work just seemed generic. Yet, this song is so different, he’s actually singing in it, the lyrics fit the beat, and the message is constant throughout, and for once isn’t about money, guns, or many girls have. It’s about sticking it out through the rough spots no matter your friends and family stay. I’ve been able to and still enjoy listening to it for almost the whole year, so it lands as the runner up.

1. Stronger – Kanye West
Anyone who knows me certainly found this anti-climatic. I’ve been listening to the song over and over since it first came out and still listen to it more and more. It’s smooth, catchy, and has a certain vibe to it that’s it puts above every other song. It’s been a tad over-used when you listen the whole song, which is about women not about getting pumped for basketball or war. But it’s a fantastic song that I just flat out liked more then every other song this year.

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