NFL Blitz Week 15
December 18, 2007

For those who commented on yesterday's post I realize the Stats were out of date as that was typed after Week 14 which was last week and the Dolphins were still winless. The Colts comment was a joke for the record, just a shot at everyone who think New England is the only team who puts up huge numbers. Sorry if it offended anyone. And Yes it was the right play to go for 2 yesterday, although I'll admit I was rooting for the underdog raiders since now one gave them half a shot in that game.

now onward to this weeks stuff:

Stats of the Week:

1. Prior to yesterday Matt Stover had never missed a field goal in overtime
2. For the first time in 18 games Tony Romo did not pass for a TD
3. Ironically, Tom Brady did not pass for a TD either
4. In the past two weeks Terell Owens has 5 receptions for 57 yds and 0 TDs
5. Brett Favre has the most career yards in the history of the NFL
6. The week that former offensive co-ordinator of San Diego Cam Cameron won the former defensive co-ordinator lost
7. New England is the second ever team to go 19-0
8. Eugene Wilson was the 21st different Patriot to score a TD this year. Another record for the Patriots.
9. Drew Brees completed 87% of his passes in the victory over Arizona.
10. Eli Manning threw for 34 incompletions and completed 35% of his passes. Ouch.

Thoughts, Questions, and what were they thinking moments:

1. Brian Westbrook. Good thing I had already won the week for the most part in fantasy. Smart play, hope you don't start yourself in any Fantasy league.
2. No, Brain Billick did the right thing kicking the field goal. Matt Stover and injuries to Chris McCallister, Samari Rolle, and Ray Lewis cost the Ravens the win.
3. Donovan McNabb. If your going to mock a TD celebration then man up to T.O. and say to the press you took a shot at him. How's he going to defend himself he had two total receptions and fell on the game clinching INT.
4. Gotta think Green Bay matches up with New England the best. Better pass rush and better CBs then Indianapolis or Dallas and some nasty looking 5 WR spreads. Be a heck of a shootout in the superbowl.
5. Hats off to Phil Dawson for booting it 48 yards in the snow, remeber a few years ago when Vanderjagt missed a kick the same distance in a dome for the Colts?
6. Just wondering, but what really happened to Marvin Harrison knee, I don't care how old you are it doesn't take 2 months to recover from a bruise.
7. Tough year for Brady Quinn, drops like a rock in the draft and now is on clipboard duty for the foreseeable future with the way Derek Anderson is playing.
8. Was that really Jamal Lewis getting 164 yds rushing. He must feel like its 2004 all over again.
9. Gotta love Mike Tomlin's honesty. I cant think of that many categories off the top of my head, nevermidn that many categories to improve on.
10. Oh and Dallas I'm not sure if anyone told you, but your not New England and you have two great runners, when your QB struggles you should try more then 14 running plays.

The Un-watch, top 5 - Bottom 5, and MVPs of the week:

This week was a bad one in the un-watch as the Dolphins overcame the fact they are as a good as LSU and beat the Ravens in OT. Greg Camirillo and a missed Matt Stover field goal ended all hopes of an 0-16 season the same year as a potential 16-0 season. Next up for the now Win Filled Dolphins a team still on the "un-watch" the...

New England Patriots who fought through the rain and snow to overcome the New York Jets 20-10. Tom Brady looked human and Laurence maroney stepped it up in his game with 26 carries for 104yds and the lone offensive touchdown in the contest. Next Up for the patriots as mentioned is Miami in cold Foxoboro and then facing the seemingly terrible New York Giants who probably flinch at the words "broken Fibula".

Bottom 5:

32 - Miami - Yes they won and my hats off to them for it. But 1-13 is a dismal record.
31 - Atlanta Falcons - Self explanatory. Another Miami win in the final two weeks and this team will drop to the bottom
30 - New York Jets - Back to Chad. Half to take a re-do on this season.
29 - St. louis Rams - There's the Steven Jackson of last year. If they stay healthy next year this could be a very potent offence.
28 - San Francisco 49ers - Hey look there's Frank Gore, but I cant be sold on Shaun Hill.

Top 5:

5 - Jacksonville Jaguars - They just beat Pittsburgh playing Pittsburgh football
4 - Dallas Cowboys - Two bad games in a row. Beaten at home by rival Philadelphia. Costly.
3 - Indianapolis Colts - Can't put them at two with a close call against Oakland and without more knowledge on Marvin Harrison
2 - Green Bay Packers - They get better every week and this is a lethal group of receivers
1 - New England Patriots - No they won't rest their starters. Belichick wants to win with a perfect season.

MVP's of the week:

Greg Camirillo WR, Miami Dolphins - Saved the season of futility
Phil Dawson K, Cleveland Browns - 48 yards in the snow But which is the better or cooler kick - Off the back bar against Baltimore or this one?
Brian Westbrook RB, Philadelphia Eagles - Smart guy, Smarter linemen. Game clinching play

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Suskie Suskie - December 18, 2007 (07:30 PM)
I believe the current all-time low for a single season is 2-14, so Miami still has the "opportunity" to set a record this year.
Halon Halon - December 19, 2007 (09:19 AM)
Jets were 1-15 in 94 or 95. Plus the Buccs went 0-16 in the 70s.
daff daff - December 19, 2007 (04:36 PM)
If the Packers go to the superbowl I will find a way to go to it.

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