NFL Blitz Week 14
December 17, 2007

Stats of the Week:

1. In his first season as Patriot, Randy Moss has the second most TD’s caught in a season in NFL history.
2. No one seems to be accusing Indianapolis of running up the score. Funny how that works.
3. Adrian Peterson was healthy and had 3 yds rushing.
4. New England had 2 rushing plays the entire second half, excluding the 4yd scramble by Brady.
5. Detroit was the first team to rush for over 100 yards on the Cowboys. And had they, on first and 10 from the Dallas twenty run the ball even once, they would’ve won. Or if there Kicker had hit a basic 35yd field goal.
6. Dick Lebeau’s exotic blitzing yielded a net of 0 sacks against Brady.
7. Steven Gostowski attempted 3 field goals for the first time all season
8. Trent Edwards through for 4 TD’s against Miami. He had 1 going into the contest.
9. Trent Edwards a third round pick in the draft, is 5-1 this year as a starter. Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, and John Beck, all taken above him haven’t won, and in two of the cases haven’t started a game yet.
10. Should Dallas and New England meet in the superbowl, and barring very unlikely losses, we could have a combined record of 37-1 entering the title bout.

Thoughts, Questions, and What Were They Thinking Moments:

1. Down by 5, 4th and 10, under two minutes left, Eric “Mangenius” kicks a field goal. Alright, fine he has three timeouts kick it deep and a 3 and out. Nope, onside kick, Game over.
2. Just pointing out, Philip Rivers and Eli manning are both mediocre records, don’t let their records fool you, neither is very good.
3. Just saying, but is Tony Romo’s story not like Brady’s, only sped up and minus three Superbowls?
4. Well Mike Shanahan, you’ve got a choice to make, Selvin Young or Travis Henry?
5. Why on earth is Anthony Smith biting on a New England play action? Since when do they run the ball?
6. This seems shifty, I hearing their installing a basketball scoreboard at Gillette stadium for the next two weeks.
7. Any chance anyone on the Jets mentioned Spygate this week? I hear New England needs more motivation…
8. Quote of the week : “In a year where New England offense has no regard for down, distance, or score – where offensive co-ordinator Josh McDaniels has apparently deemed the running game as what defenses do after the Patriots catch ball” - Len Pasquerelli ESPN
9. Someone want to tell me the last time almost every division was sewn up with three games to go, and the playoff picture was pretty much crystal clear? The only bumps could come from Cleveland against Buffalo and Pittsburgh and Jacksonville next week.

The “un” watch, Top 5, and Bottom 5:

New England continued there unbeaten season with a confident and relaxed victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, eliminating what many considered the big hurdle on their way to a perfect season. The only reaming games are a pair coming at home against Miami and the New York Jets, as well a finale in New York against the Giants.

Miami added to their unwatchable season by being picked apart by the Buffalo Bills handily and John Beck looked horrendous in doing so. Next up for the hapless Dolphins a team on a losing slide as well in the form of the Baltimore Ravens (4-9). If they can clear this hurdle then they have the Patriots and end on the Bengals who seem to be slowly kind of getting better. Here’s to 0-16 Miami Woo.

Bottom 5:
28. New York Jets – Umm they keep there games close most of the time.
29. St. Louis Rams – When healthy not bad, with Brock Berlin at QB. Yeah.
30. Atlanta Falcons – Roddy White is the lone bright spot on this team
31. San Francisco 49er’s – Whose starting at QB now? Disappointing and terrible
32. Miami Dolphins – Here’s to the top draft pick in the draft!

Top 5:
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - Seems that Jack Del Rio knew what he was doing when he kept David Garrard
4. Green Bay Packers- The Gitants called, they want Ryan Grant back.
3. Indianapolis Colts- Still dont trust Anthony Gonzalez, he was a slot #2 receiver in college, and thats where he'll be when Marvin is back.
2. Dallas Cowboys - Two close games (Buffalo/Detroit) against average teams, and two wins. Sounds like the Patriots...
1. New England Patriots - The only remaining regular season question marks, are do they run the ball at all in these last three games and do they go 16-0?

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - December 17, 2007 (05:49 PM)
2. No one seems to be accusing Indianapolis of running up the score. Funny how that works.

The Colts don't go for it on 4th down once the game is decided, unlike those classless Pats. And if you're referring to the game against the Raiders, who played us very well, it made sense to go for the two point conversion since Oakland could have won had they gotten a TD and capped it off with an extra point field goal attempt. 21-14 is hardly a running up of the score.
Suskie Suskie - December 17, 2007 (06:41 PM)
These stats are kinda outdated, since Miami just won their first game yesterday, which frankly says more about the Ravens than the Dolphins.

Also, Philly beat Dallas. I just thought I'd say that.
daff daff - December 17, 2007 (07:27 PM)
Go Packers!
Halon Halon - December 17, 2007 (07:38 PM)
Go Giants! Although we won't stand a chance in the playoffs with Shockey and Burress out.

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