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NFL Blitz Week 17
December 31, 2007

The column went on hiatus for Christmas last week.

NFL Blitz Week 17

Here we are at the final week of the regular season. In a season filled with equal mediocrity (only Miami and St. Louis finished with less then 4 wins), we witnessed the first 16-0 regular season, the resurgence of a 38 year old legend, a 44 year old Vinny Testeverde winning games, teams still kicking to Devin Hester, and the Cleveland Browns smashing their to 10 wins. It’s been a weird year for Football as heading into the final Sunday no division was up for grabs, and only two playoff question marks remained, leaving a lackluster feeling to the end of the season. Oh and gotta feel for the Browns who despite 10 wins miss out on the playoffs based on “record against common opponents”

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My Favorite CD's of 2007/Week 16 picks
December 20, 2007

Top 15 CD’s of 2007

Before you read, hate and criticize this list, I didn’t just put the CD’s that I would necessarily rate the best in order. I took into consideration how good song is every song as a whole, Is there any flow or order to the CD or does fee like a bunch of songs thrown together, is this effort all that different from there other CD’s or a cash in? And finally can I still listen to the CD as a whole however long after it’s been out and still like it as much the first time I heard it. Yes some came out much later for that category so it does affect where they place, and when such instances occur I note it.

15. Sean Kingston – self titled

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NFL Blitz Week 15
December 18, 2007

For those who commented on yesterday's post I realize the Stats were out of date as that was typed after Week 14 which was last week and the Dolphins were still winless. The Colts comment was a joke for the record, just a shot at everyone who think New England is the only team who puts up huge numbers. Sorry if it offended anyone. And Yes it was the right play to go for 2 yesterday, although I'll admit I was rooting for the underdog raiders since now one gave them half a shot in that game.

now onward to this weeks stuff:

Stats of the Week:

1. Prior to yesterday Matt Stover had never missed a field goal in overtime
2. For the first time in 18 games Tony Romo did not pass for a TD
3. Ironically, Tom Brady did not pass for a TD either

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NFL Blitz Week 14
December 17, 2007

Stats of the Week:

1. In his first season as Patriot, Randy Moss has the second most TD’s caught in a season in NFL history.
2. No one seems to be accusing Indianapolis of running up the score. Funny how that works.
3. Adrian Peterson was healthy and had 3 yds rushing.
4. New England had 2 rushing plays the entire second half, excluding the 4yd scramble by Brady.
5. Detroit was the first team to rush for over 100 yards on the Cowboys. And had they, on first and 10 from the Dallas twenty run the ball even once, they would’ve won. Or if there Kicker had hit a basic 35yd field goal.
6. Dick Lebeau’s exotic blitzing yielded a net of 0 sacks against Brady.
7. Steven Gostowski attempted 3 field goals for the first time all season

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July 17, 2006

Some Movies are good, some movies are bad, nad some just cnat be missed. just a quick compilation of my top 10 movies and movie series of all time.

1. Star Wars- sure episode I and II aren't amazing but the entire series is one of the best
2. Back to the future-funny, witty, and crazy, make for one great trilogy
3. Indiana Jones-please make 4, id otn care that Harrison ford is 64
4.Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead man's chest reaffirmed that this one of the preimere series in movie history. 258 million in 10 days? crazy.
5.Lord of the Rings-i had high hopes, and PJ delivered.
6.Edward Scissorhands-quite possibly the most under-rated movie of all time.
7.Spiderman- 1 & 2 rocked my socks, and 3 is looking even better. Hello venom.

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