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ghostyghost Home of my thoughts and Opinions. For any sports related posts, I am a New England Patriot, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Blue Jays fan. Sorry for any bias. Oh, and In case you didn't guess I live in Canada.

Title: Finding the LOST Ones: Eggtown/The Constant
Posted: March 01, 2008 (04:38 PM)
Finding the LOST Ones – Eggtown and The Constant

Since I had spring break last week no column on a surprisingly decent Kate-centric episode, which a reveal that hit me like a freight train. Then we had this week, where they bashed over the head with tons of possibilities and one of the keys I think to how this whole Island operates, why it’s impossible to find, and that in the LOST realm your conscience can be in many different time zones (more on this and how severely complicated it makes the show later). If there’s one been one major theme this season so far it’s that everyone’s centric episode has a specific purpose and unlike last season, where only now episode 5 did we get he first interesting flashback (Eko – The Cost of Living), we’ve now had 5 interesting and revealing Flashbacks and Flashforwards. And with the writers only have 5 more flashes to write for this season (8 episodes are done) we can hopefully expect the same interesting quality.

My Name is Dr. Perjury, how are you today?
When the lawyer said “don’t fire me”, I knew we were seeing a fellow oceanic six. And so in walks Dr. Jack who promptly sits down and utterly lies under oath with out flinching or seeming to care at all. He claimed to have never met the Officer yet he killed him, He claimed Kate told him about the arrest when the Officer did, He said only 8 people survived the crash instead of 48, he said Kate saved 5 of them when she only stitiched Jack’s wound together, and then Kate went back to the save the other two before Kate cut him off. Now why on earth are they all lying so vehemently and in so many ways? What happened to everyone when they got off the Island and those who didn’t that everyone of the Oceanic Six is straight up living a lie, and whats the full story they are telling?

Here’s my best guess:

According to the six, Oceanic Fliht 815 took off from Sydney on September 22nd 2004. It crash landed in the middle of the south pacific with only 8 people surviving the initial crash. Kate had the least injuries and managed to pull the other five out of the plane before failing to save the other two. But these other two had to temporarily be alive to say something that the other 6 didn’t know before they died. Kate at the time was already 5-6 months pregnant and by the time they were rescued had already given berth to baby “Aaron”, with a father somewhere in Sydney that she can’t remember or find. Unlike the show I think the Oceanic Six aren’t rescued until closer to January on the “deserted Island”. Once rescued they are all offered a considerable amount of money and a story to sell (above) to the media, by Charles Widmore, still trying to hide the Island, and keep Penny or anyone else from finding it.

We’ve got to go back
Naturally we’ve already seen what living a lie does to Jack, and obviously the Island doesn’t blow up and everyone doesn’t get off, but what clicks in for Jack? What makes him tell Hurley they are never going back, then has him yelling at kate later that they need to go back. Furthermore, why doesn’t Jack see Aaron, his nephew. Does he know Aaron is his nephew? I presume Claire must meet some tragic fate on the Island then as otherwise she has no reason to give her away her baby especially after what Malkin told her in “Raised by another”. And why can’t Aaron watch tv? Something changed when they got off that Island, and unlike Desmond it wasn’t anything to do with time travel. That’s back to back episodes with Juxtaposition. Sayid said he would never work for Ben when we know he does in the future, and Kate won’t even pick up Aaron, yet in the future he is calling her mommy. They weren’t supposed to escape I mean look what happens to the four we know get off:

Kate – Living a lie, no longer on the run, raising a child, on probation for ten years, not with Jack or Sawyer, and eventually not even talking to Jack. The exact opposite of Island Kate.

Hurley – Seeing people that aren’t there, haunted by Ghost Charlie, back in the SRMI after on the Island vehemently denying being crazy, always seems sad and scared, and a sniper in basketball. The exact opposite of Island Hurley.

Sayid – Assassinating and using people for information while working for Benjamin Linus. After swearing on the Island to never torture again. The exact opposite of Island Sayid,

Jack – Lying on the stand when he got mad at his father for lying about surgery once, raging alcholic, addicted to painkillers, attempting suicide, wanting to go back to the Island, having no control seemingly over anything, and growing a ridiculous beard. The exact opposite of Island Jack.

Who knows, maybe the last two members (I’ve already put my money down as Jin and Sun) will come in a flash forward and blow my whole they become opposite theory to hell, but for now it works and I’m sticking to it. They weren’t supposed to get off the Island, they weren’t done there, and they will have to go back.

Time is all relative
So subtly in Eggtown we were hinted that Island time is off and not directly equal to that of off island time courtesy a bizarre experiment by Daniel Faraday. Then after that brief introduction they decided to smack us over the head with the Constant where Desmond actually travels through time and the fact that somehow Jack and Sayid have a conversation when they are an entire day apart. To Sayid it’s Christmas eve, yet he’s talking to Jack 40 miles away from him and it’s Christmas where Jack is. And both are mid-day. How on earth is that possible?

Out of place lines:
Just lines that stuck out to me has oddly worded:

“Kate tried to save the other two but ----“ – Jack on the Stand

“It’s going to happen to all of us when we return to that Island” – Minkowski implying they’ve been to the Island before
“I used to answer all the radio calls” – Minkowski even though his conscience was supposed to time jumping, how does he remember that detail?

Here’s where we go time theory crazy:
Sit down this going to sound absolutely insane for the next couple paragraphs.

What if in theory the plane crashing on the island changed the conscience state of Christian Shepherd to when he was alive, maybe when he in Sydney before he died, allowing him to be reborn. Then from “So it Begins” (mobisode 13) and “White Rabbit” (S1 E 05) we know he has seen Jack in the forest and depending where he was shot could easily have seen Jack and used him as his constant. This would allow him to be alive, with an empty coffin and allow Hurley to see him in the cabin.

Secondly, could the same thing be applied to Jacob or Ben the ultimate time shifters who have learned to control the mysterious Island properties and allow Ben to know much more then he should at all times. Could this allow Jacob to move his cabin and rebuild his broken lantern? Is this why Juliet was knocked out using a heavy dose of tranquilizer before getting on the submarine? And if leaving the Island has such a strong effect then how is Richard Alpert and Ethan leaving without any side effects? And how come Faraday said to follow a bearing of 305 degrees, but Ben gave Michael strict instructions to follow a bearing of 325 degrees to leave the Island? Assuming both work, why does the bearing matter?

Lastly, is the time –ectromagnetism-radiation slower time on the Island theory the reason why Richard hasn’t aged in the last give or take 20 years and has birthday problems. And just throwing it out there but is possible that this is what happened to Rousseau’s crew and the actual sickness they had?

I’m looking for a way to tie the Smoke Monster in with this theory, but I got nothing for that yet.

And finally
Hats off to the writers for already creating the best initial five episode story arch of any of the previous season. Despite the average eggtown, we’ve now had 4 outstanding episodes out of five. Heres a season by season comparison of the first five episodes. Counting the two part pilot as the first two episodes of season 1.

Season 1:
Pilot Part 1, Pilot Part 2, Tabula Rasa (Kate on the run), Walkabout (Locke wheel chair), and white rabbit (Jack’s daddy issues).
Rank: Second

Season 2:
Man of Science, Man of Faith (Jack saves Sarah enters hatch), Adrift (Michael loves Walt), Orientation (more hatch, Locke meets Helen), Everybody Hates Hugo (wins lottery friend steals Girlfriend), and “….And Found” (Jin meets Sun, Michael chases after Walt)
Rank: Third

Season 3:
A Tale of two cities (Jack has Sarah issues, intro the Hydra), The Glass Ballerina (Jin beats up Jae Lee sun kills Colleen), Further Instructions (Locke goes after Eko, gets caught in a dope operation), Every Man for Himself (more rock pushing, Sawyer cons his way out of jail), and The Cost of Living (Eko is killed by the monster, kills men as a priest).
Rank: Fourth

Season 4:
The End of the Beginning (Hurley back at SRMI, Splits camps), Confirmed Dead (Freighter crew stories and introductions), The Economist (Sayid an assassin, Locke taking captives), Eggtown (Kate on trail, tossed out of locke ville), and The Constant (time traveling)
Rank: first

Until next time, get LOST.
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