Something for Jerec, Suskie, and Genj
March 24, 2015

Watch live video from EspigaFreth on Twitch

The embed link may not work well, because Jason hates me. So you might need to try here instead. I'd link it to youtube but when I tried to upload it, a giant chunk of the video froze for no reason.

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jerec jerec - March 24, 2015 (01:56 AM)
How do you get that yellow target thing?
espiga espiga - March 24, 2015 (09:12 AM)
That's called a Breaksight, and it follows the same rules as a killsight. When you're locked on to an enemy with R1, the enemy will have a moment of weakness that varies based on the enemy. In the case of that behemoth, it's immediately before he does that charge attack, and immediately after another attack. Hitting a breaksight (yellow target) does great damage, regardless of level, and a killsight (red target) is an instant kill. By using that, it's very possible to kill even a lv. 99 monster with a lv. 28 character (though you do have to be exceedingly careful, as I made an example of at the beginning of the video).
Genj Genj - March 24, 2015 (03:02 PM)
I already beat the game yesterday.

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